Zor & Samantha Bentley: High Spirits Restrained

Samantha Bentley certainly gets herself into some interesting fixes!

Outfitted in her best schoolgirl red plaid skirt, white halter blouse, black and white hightop sneakers, and white knee socks–and her brown hair bouncing in a ponytail–she’s playfully swinging on a metal ring hanging from a tree when suddenly the mysterious bondage master Zor walks up.

Immediately he lets her know that her girlish high spirits will only bring her bondage in HIS domain. Watch him intricately tie her up in ropes with her arms tight behind her back, then bind her legs and hoist her up in the air with that same metal ring she was exuberantly swinging from only a few minutes before.

But Zor is not satisfied; he wants her bound and NUDE, and soon he wraps the ropes tightly around her tender naked pink flesh, leaving red marks, as he raises her up in the air in yet more humiliating positions in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM!

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