Zor & Hollie Hatton: Ink In The Drink

Be prepared for the truly bizarre as you watch a most inventively tattooed blonde newcomer to our DDF sites, Hollie Hatton, as she is tied to a frame by mysterious bondage master Zor and then lowered in all her helplessness into a pool of water.

The cameras come in tight to capture the details of her tattoos, especially the two on the fronts of her thighs–which look like cartoon animals, one a cow, the other a dog.

Her ink extends down her shins and up her arms as well. Her breasts stand out both for their largeness and their lack of tats. After she’s securely tethered to the frame, Zor lowers Miss Hatton into the pool, and Hollie lays there with the water almost up to her face, her body partially obscured by floating leaves.

Check out this fetish XXX video and see what fantasies it calls to your mind!

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