Zafira: Zafira’s Defiance!

In the old days, people used to quote classic literature to find just the right context for what they were about to say. In our modern era, classic movies serve the same function of providing quotes.

This new set of Zafira reminds us of what was said about the slavegirl played by Jean Simmons in the 1960 Kirk Douglas film Spartacus: “The more chains you put on her, the less she looks like a slave.”

This comes to mind because Zafira has a Zen-like calm as she is trussed up in tight bondage on-camera in this new scene. Her beautiful Hungarian body stands at attention as she is thoroughly tied up, her hands roped behind her back with an intricate network of knots.

She is then laid down on what looks like a piano bench, with her 36B breasts jutting up over the ropes, and her thighs are tied to the bench too. Finally she is stood up again by her bondage master and untied, and we see the impressions that the rope left on her arms. But through the scene, she doesn’t seem to bat an eyelash, maintaining a quiet cool–like Jean Simmons did–as if to defy any ropes to ever hold her, or make her a captive!

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