Yuffie Yulan & Tina Kay: Edgy Extremes

Yuffie Yulan is at the mercy of the commanding Tina Kay in this sizzling roleplay which takes us inside the edgy extremes of the lesbian bondage and spanking experience.

First Tina cruelly tweaks the handcuffed and ankle-shackled Yuffie’s nipples, then she whips that fantastic Yulan booty with a flogger.

If ever a rump was made for spanking, it’s Yuffie’s, and soon enough she receives several hard smacks from her mistress.

But Goddess Tina wants to toy with her slave a bit more, and so she inserts a red vibrator into Yuffie’s ass while fingering her sub’s pussy.

Yuffie surrenders completely to the whims of her demanding queen, and shows her gratitude afterward by licking Tina’s twat and then her black high heels in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

You’ll be dreaming about the future possibilities for hot scenes with Yuffie’s plush bottom!!

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DDF Updates: Edgy Extremes


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