Wendy Moon & Mugur: Unspeakable Things

For today’s roleplay we take you into a dank basement, where newcomer to our site Wendy Moon finds herself cuffed to the pipes and at the mercy of man who is interested only in using her for her orifices.

Barefoot, clad only in a crop top and cut-offs, she only knows that she is going nowhere without the permission of this master…

Will she please him? She will try. She will suck the silver bullet vibrator that he puts into her face, especially when he pinches her nose which makes her sucking all the more insistent even as she takes in air through her lips…

She will not resist as he pulls aside the crotch of her shorts to stuff the vibrator in her pink hole, grasping her shaved pussy meat to make the insertion of the unit even deeper. He raises her by her ankles, takes off her shorts completely, and then shifts the focus of his penetration to her asshole…

Then he uses his ruthlessly probing fingers, cramming her cunt, until the obscene juices of her perverse arousal pour out…because she suddenly remembers through the fog in her kinky brain that SHE hired this man to do these things to her splayed cunt and vulnerable ass, weird acts of extreme sex she couldn’t speak about to any of her girlfriends, but only do. See for yourself in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video!

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DDF Updates: Unspeakable Things


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