Victoria Blaze & Tess: Fulfilling her Whims!

When you’re a goddess like Victoria Blaze, you make your own rules. That’s what Tess learned when she agreed to become a plaything in Mistress Victoria’s stable. “Absolute obedience is what I require, girl, you obey without protest,” Victoria said; and Tess knew by the wetness in her panties that she was destined to obey.

One of their earliest sessions showed what Victoria’s whims could be like. Tess was bound by her ankles and wrists and immobilized on a table. A blindfold put her not only in the dark, but in the psychological zone of scary but pleasurable “submissive space.” What was the meaning of the strange panties she had to wear, which had some kind of mooring base for a dildo? Tess felt her Mistress running a cane over her body…would she be whipped?

But then she inhaled the musk of the Mistress’s asshole descending close to her nose as the goddess’s cheeks pressed against her face and her queen’s voice above demanded cunnilingus. What a lovely bliss, to be told what to do and just do it! It made her nipples hard. Then Tess felt the Mistress stand on the floor again. What was she draping across her body? Some kind of fishnet, it felt like!

Tess felt as if she had truly been “caught” by her goddess now, not just in a net, but in a web…the fishnet tickled her toes and felt strange on her face and form. It was as if she were in a cocoon…Mistress Blaze tickled her feet with the tip of the cane. Then she heard some sucking and slurping, and could feel a dildo being attached to the base on the front of her panties, even through the fishnet covering…and then she could feel Mistress holding the plastic cock and climbing onto the table and squatting down and riding it reverse cowgirl style, the rhythm of her fucking pressing the base of the dildo against Tess’s own clit…oh god she was getting wetter and wetter from this shameful use of herself as nothing but a dildo-holder, a piece of erotic furniture…she felt Mistress turn around to face her and ride her that way, and she flinched only for a moment from surprise as the goddess squeezed her nipples and pressed her own tits on Tess’s face for service…and then the Mistress licked her tongue! What a gift! Frenched by the Mistress! It was a happy day for slave Tess, cumming like a little beast under the weight and whims of her queen!

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