Vanessa & Leigh Darby: Learn Your Lesson

The day is sunny, but crossing the green grounds of an elegant lawn are two figures out of a darker fantasy world…a world of leather, of boots, of chains.

In today’s extreme sex roleplay, we see that handcuffed Vanessa has obviously displeased her powerful mistress Leigh Darby in some way, and is to be subjected to discipline.

Mistress Darby leads Vanessa on a chain to a tree, and flogs her 34DD breasts with real fury. Vanessa’s knockers are in a metal harness, so that they stand up more, make a better target so to speak, and Mistress Darby whips those melons passionately.

Vanessa clearly does not savor being treated like this, but slaves do not have a choice…so she submits to the mistress licking her face, pinching her nipples, and then whipping and spanking her ass.

Mistress Darby uncovers her own 34G tits too, as if to make the point to her submissive (and to us, of course) that she, being in charge, does not have to suffer such punishments of her own massive rack as detailed in this Full HD BDSM lesbian bondage XXX video.

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