Vanessa & Kora: Severe Punishment For Bad Behavior!

Don’t fuck with Vanessa!

In today’s kinky roleplay scenario, we see how the wily redhead does not like to be crossed, as brunette Kora discovers to her discomfort and humiliation. Kora thought everything was fine between them, that their dispute over a man had been amicably settled, but when she wakes up the next morning after drinking the drugged coffee Vanessa served her, she discovers that Vanessa does not forgive–she only gets even!

Tied up in Vanessa’s garden, with little hooks giving her a “pig nose” look, Kora learns that she must not trespass on cocks that Vanessa considers hers! A little whipping by Vanessa drives this point home. And not just whipping on Kora’s tits, but even on her face!

Wow, Kora will not fuck with Vanessa again–if she ever gets out of this predicament! Kora strains at her bonds, but Vanessa will not let her go until the full measure of punishment is doled out. Kora is so embarrassed to be made to look so grotesque by the nose hooks!

And Vanessa had seemed like such a good friend and reasonable person! Vanessa bites Kora’s tits to teach her how vulnerable she is, squeezing and tugging on those nipples. And then tit-whipping! Is there any end to the torments Vanessa will visit upon her?

And then–humiliation of humiliations–Vanessa plays with Kora’s pussy and then Kora has to pee and she can’t hold out for a toilet! She’s pissing on the ground like an animal! And then she has to be chastised for that, smacked across the face back and forth! Kora will always be good, from now on! But just in case she is inclined to forget, Vanessa gives her one last reminder of how her naughty behavior was perceived–as that of a pig!

She writes the word in big red lipstick letters so Kora can ponder her transgressions and never forget that–


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