Vanessa & Carol: Don’t Displease The Mistress

Vanessa has clearly been a bad girl and displeased her domina.

She is standing and trussed up in rope and at the mercy of her Mistress Carol, who is in the disciplinary mood. Spanking Vanessa’s 34DD breasts with a pointy wooden paddle, Carol quickly brings out scratches and bruises on Vanessa’s knockers, and the domme also smacks Vanessa’s bottom through her black leather shorts as well.

Then, with Vanessa continuing to be helpless and spread out on the four-poster bed, Carol applies further punishment with a flogger, whipping Vanessa’s tummy and naked twat.

Vanessa can only make noises of pain with her mouth kept permanently open with a metal spreader, which makes it all the easier for Carol to cram the handle of her whip into Vanessa’s mouth to moisten it for her slave’s pussy. Nipple biting tops off Vanessa’s torment in this fetish XXX video of lesbian bondage and Full HD BDSM.

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