Tigerr Benson & Tiffany Doll:Tattooed for Torture! [Part 3]

Back again with part 3 of “Tattooed for torture!” starring Tigerr Benson and Tiffany Doll!

Could it be that they’re running out of gas, or will these delicious dames continue to find taboo was of torturing each other all in the name of cumming like a firecracker!

This time it looks like Tigerr is back on the Iron Maiden and Tiffany has some new tools! Wearing her slick, red high heels, Tiffany gracefully maneuvers over to her big boobed babe and clamps her nipples tight with silver clampers.

The clampers just dangle on her huge titties, and it almost seems like they are in tears of joy for their new found home. Some of them even get to go down south as Tiffany clamps a couple to both hers and Tigerr’s labia. Now they’re connected at the twat!

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