Tigerr Benson: The Puurrfect Milkshake!

How would you like to have your very own Pussy? Okay if your a women reading this you most likely already have one, but were talking about a full grown, human -sized Pussy Cat, with all the trimmings! House of Taboo has called in one of their top starlets, Tigerr Benson, to take us deep into this fantasy zone.

Watch as she crawls around her home stuffing pretty colored anal beds up her butt-hole and then does something really naughty with her milk!

Tigerr comes on the scene in her kitty Cat attire which is a pair of Cat ears, a bow-tie, a tail that’s stuffed in her ass, and her birthday suit. Some nice whiskers and a cute little cat nose drawn in too. She displays her curvy, dick stiffening body in various playful positions and her high beam headlights really get the drool going from our mouths.

She has a large pink pacifier which she enjoys sucking and sticking inside her bald biscuit. Then it’s time for the tail to take a break as a huge red butt-plug tags in for a few rounds of spelunking into her tight cavern. It’s actually just setting up the ground work for the anal beads that are next.

She bends that sweet heart shaped ass over at us and pulls the balls out one by one while mimicking a cat, and some kind of juice comes out!

Hmmmm, maybe a cleaning is in order.

Milk to the rescue! They say that milk does a body good, well, not sure if they meant you should shoot it up your asshole with a turkey baster, but that’s exactly what Tigerr does! Then with the power of her anus she sprays it all over the floor and licks it up. Bad, bad little kitty! Milk shake anyone?

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