Tigerr Benson: Peeing and Embarrassed!

That kinky babe Tigerr Benson finds herself bound by her legs, wrists, and feet to a classically-sculpted pedestal, and she’s naked and spread for all the world to see.

It is clear she is going nowhere; she has been a bad girl, and we all know that bad girls must be punished (at least in erotic fantasies)! Tigerr has been straining against the ropes for awhile, but she realizes she’s going nowhere, and that she’s going to have to face up to the fact that all the champagne she drank earlier in the evening is catching up with her.

Yes, her dominant master plied her with bubbly, then when she got feisty and rebellious, he had his minions bring her into this room and tie her down to think about the consequences of her disrespectful behavior. And one of those consequences is that she can’t go to the bathroom, but is going to have to take a pee right here in the open! Oh she tries to hold it, it’s so humiliating to pee without control far away from a toilet, but Tigerr got herself into this predicament and now she has to experience the embarrassment! And then it starts spraying out…a long stream from her dark flowery pussy, the urine flooding out just under her pierced labia…and all over the sheet spread out under the pedestal in anticipation of just such an action on her part!

Oh, she can’t bear to show her face to her master anymore…she’s revealed herself totally for the naughty and uncontrollable girl she is…he is going to punish her more…and she knows she deserves it!

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