Tigerr Benson and Tiffany Doll: Tattooed for Torture! [Part 2]

Last we left the two taboo treats Tigerr and Tiffany Doll, Tiffany was smacking up Tigerr’s tits and ass while having her suspended from the torture device.

We open up here this time with Tigerr receiving a mouthful of black rubber cock and having those big cantaloupes and pierced cooter peppered up by the dildo as well.

We’ve been dying to see Tiffany’s tasty little twat since the last set, now we eot a nice HD close up of her squatting, giving us a super realistic vision of how it would look if she were sitting on our faces. Absolutely ball tightening vision!

She hooks Tigerr‘s puss up to a bulbous little device. Is she going to pump her pussy up with air?

Then she mounts Tigerr‘s face and get’s her pie eaten like it’s at an all you can eat joint. She enjoy’s it so much she swaps roles with Tigerr, and soon is having herself a rim-job courtesy of the Asian babes flickery tongue.

Then Tigerr fucks her tight asshole with an obscure electric buttplug! Boy, to walk home and see this scene in your living room, what a treat that would be!

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