Tiffany Doll & Clara G.: The Disappearing Hand!

You have to watch out sometimes when you’re around a woman with true power. She won’t hesitate to put you in your place and use you for her kinky amusement!

Case in point, don’t get on the bad side of Mistress Clara G., as Tiffany Doll has done–because Clara takes her in hand (really!) and shows subbie Tiffany that her body can be reduced to a playground for pervy practices!

Whether she’s bound naked on a chair and persuaded to fellate the flogger that soon chastises her ass–or is bent over for hand-spanking–or ultimately takes a disappearing fist down to the wrist in her rectum–Tiffany learns that Clara means fisty business, and that disobedience will result in her immediately being reduced to the equivalent of human clay for molding to Clara’s weird whims!

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