Tiffany Doll: Ambitious Orifice Antics [Part 3]

The quest for truth never ends. Creative people of all pursuits know this, and creativity is part of scientific research as well, which is why Dr. Choky Ice does not simply conclude his research into new understanding of the female asshole with his insertion of various rubber items into Nurse Tiffany Doll.

No indeed! Dr. Ice knows that the ultimate test is to see how Nurse Doll reacts to a shiny metal speculum opening up her snatch, while at the same time Choky’s cock finds its way into her pretty mouth. After all, don’t doctors and scientists deserve rewards for their hard work? The Nobel Prize is nice but it doesn’t do much for your nuts!

Not that Dr. Ice is getting that Swedish accolade any time soon, unfortunately; there is still Puritanical prejudice in academic circles over a doctor devoting himself to research into the mysteries of the feminine anus! I any case, Nurse Tiffany Doll sucks Dr. Ice’s icicle and then takes it in her bottom while the speculum still spreads her pussy pie. She even rides his cock cowgirl style with her caboose, while keeping the speculum in her slit.

Finally she gets his gooey cream in her rectum, and shows it bubbling out afterward from her well-worked bungie. Yes, doctors are not gods–they squirt sticky loads just like the rest of us!!

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