Tiffany Doll: Ambitious Orifice Antics [Part 2]

The experiments of the true scientist are never over. He is constantly reviewing his findings, making new observations, and conducting further explorations of his chosen subject matter.

And that is why Dr. Choky Ice did not merely leave DDF Genital Hospital after testing out, with huge rubber geisha balls, the elasticity of Nurse Tiffany Doll’s asshole. No, the investigations are hardly over!

Putting on latex gloves, he wets his fingers both with Nurse Doll’s mouth as well as with lubricant, and then he commences his probing of her posterior with two well-guided digits. Seeing that he is in a most receptive location on her anatomy, he then ups the digit count to five. Into her rectum go his fingers, deeper, deeper…this isn’t the Road to Oz, ladies and gentlemen, but into the darkest recesses of that last frontier, the uninhibited female lower colon!!

Tiffany Doll is a superb subject for his quest. Removing his hand, he then lets her bungie get some well-needed air, examines her sterling gape, and then seats himself in front of her on a stool to use another approach. Presto, chango! Much of his hand vanishes into her bottom and we can now see how doctors can resemble magicians.

But there is more he wants to explore, and so out comes a humongous black rubber toy that looks shaped like a tower to some pagan god. He has Nurse Doll lick it as prelude to insertion into her former rosebud, which can now more properly be termed a rose garden, as it has bloomed into a new diameter thanks to the penetration of the challenging new toy! BUT THERE’S MORE…so return soon when Dr. Ice’s probing continues in an even more PERSONAL manner!

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