Though shall spank thee [Part 2]

We’re back again to the outdoor setting where sister Linet was having her way with Victoria Blaze after she confessed her weekend antics.

The heat is about to be turned up as Linet reads a secret script tattooed on Victoria‘s back and it releases a sex demon that possesses Victoria and has her choking Linet and stuffing a bible in her mouth! Then she does a strip tease for the sister and flips up her skirt, what’s this?

The sister isn’t wearing panties! Nice trimmed twat revealed!

But Victoria is not having this and bend’s Linet over to smack that ass up with the bible! Oh my! Victoria wants to feel that smooth bum on her hand, so she ditches the bible and goes bareback on Victoria‘s bottom!

Even gapes her asshole and pussy! Wow, what a reversal! The battle of horny and hornier!

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