Though shall spank thee [Part 1]

Victoria’s been a very very bad girl and sister Linet is just not having it.

You see, every weekend Victoria goes out and indulges herself in all kinds of good XXX action and fun. Sunday morning she comes to see the sister and confess, and this happens every week!

Well, this week, sisters gonna teach her a lesson with the book of Psalms!

Victoria sits in her regular spot in the courtyard with pigtails in her hair and a white blouse with her black lace bra revealing itself. Already a no no for sister Linet, but she even goes as far as wearing a black and white plaid mini skirt with heels showing off those gorgeous tanned legs of hers, perfect for flipping over her head!

WAIT! What’s this!

The sister has a naughty outfit of her own, goodness! Some hot action awaits as the sister scolds Victoria and gives her a few love slaps before she bends her over, flips up her skirt and starts beatin’ that ass with her bible!

We get some great zoomed in views as sister goes in for the thrill and starts , wait….what!! Licking her ass?? Oh man, things are about to get Craaaaazy, don’t miss part 2!

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