The taming of her shrew!

Russian babe Lisa is all about the kink! This blonde sugar tart comes to the House of Taboo clad in platform heels, ass cheek opened fishnet stockings, and a latex dominatrix style outfit that will send signals to your brain coaxing an immediate charge of semen to your balls that will be undeniable!

What’s even more wickedly delightful is that she is about to really GIVE it to herself! Have you ever seen that before? A dominatrix, dominating herself? Well, yeah, first time for everything!

She does have some major help though, in the form of a vibrating robot cock riding saddle! She makes herself suck that robot dick like it was human and then her pussy screams for attention and she orders herself to play with it.

Then she goes back to making the robot cock disappear in and out of her mouth before turning it on and watching the hungry beast pump up and down.

You can almost here it say “Girl, I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna fuck your pussy until you can’t fuck no more!”.

Ready, set, fishnets off, saddle positioned, let the pumping begin!

WOW, the robot cock really meant business, he’s fucking her in the ass too!! The little tattooed smiley face on her leg is getting a front row seat to the action and Lisa‘s moaning signals to us that she will soon pop! She goes deeper into the saddle and then, BOOM! Jizz for the whiz, and her butthole needs a break, but not before gaping it for us!

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