The dean and the disciple [Part 1]

Do you remember back in the days of high school when you got in trouble and had to go to the dean’s office? I was there quite a few times, but unfortunately I never quite had a dean that looked like Eve Angel! Could you imagine that? I’d be in there everyday causing trouble and wishing for her to discipline me. Preferably by sitting on my face so I couldn’t breath! I think that’s a great punishment!

Well here today we’ve gotta little role-play as cutie Bettina is the bad student and has to check in with her dean, EVE. Dressed in a schoolgirl outfit complete with plaid skirt and necktie, she comes into the office looking for trouble as she chews her gum and plays with it.

Eve isn’t having it and decides that she needs a good old fashioned spanking and bends her ass over the desk flipping her skirt up and revealing her taught ass! She puts a pack of cigarettes in her mouth to humiliate her and keep her from biting her tongue as she’s panning on whacking it real good.


She lays into her, pressing her head down onto the desk at the same time. Then she turns her around and uses her necktie first as a gag while she has her way pinching her little nipples and then to tie her hands up with while Eve massages and spanks her aching pussy.

By now Bettina’s ass is beat red, but it’s far from over as Eve takes her on her lap and keeps a spanking, first with panties on, then fully nude.

Eve‘s hand needs a break so she sends Bettina to the corner to stare at the wall while she inhales the essence of her oyster by sniffing her panties. Her eyes close and she inhales, when they open she is once again fully recharged!

It’s time to measure that ass up now and Eve breaks out the heavy artillery. Big yellow ruler peppering her red cheeks up over and over! Cigarette time for Eve, but the discipline session is not over, stay tuned for part 2!

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