Terminator has a sweet tooth!

This scene is Cherry Jul’s first experience with bondage and submission.

Watch how she absolutely loved it!

The episode begins with Cherry waiting patiently for her master to arrive. Her heavy breathing in itself will turn you on ridiculously. She is chilled with anticipation, well oiled up and all holes are ready to serve. Master first warms her up with his little spanker as he taps her twat with it a few times and she begs for more.

Master makes use of her open mouth first by cleaning off his cock on her tongue after taking a wizz. Then he binds her up ,gets her all locked in place with his wicked bondage gear, and forces her open welcoming mouth on his throbbing cock. Her accommodating sweet pussy is used when Master hangs her on the rack and treats himself to a good pounding into her defenseless quim. Master uses her pussy, fucking and spanking it in various positions till he is near a carnal explosion, then chains her spread open on her knees and relieves himself in her succulent gaping mouth and pouting lips.

The experience has left her quivering and swooning, hoping Master will come back for more of her!

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