Tegan Jane, Paige & Samantha Bentley: Disciplining The Disgraceful [Part 2]

Clumsy maid Samantha Bentley soon learns what comes next from her furious mistresses! Immobilized by a spreader bar at her ankles, Samantha is held down by blonde Lady Tegan Jane Slapwell and receives hot wax treatment on her tender buttocks from the cruel hand of Dame Paige Birchbottom!

The wax leaves an awful mess on her butt, even as Lady Tegan smiles in deliciously evil satisfaction at her underling’s plight. Then Samantha learns the purpose of the sex toys she was bringing in on her tray in Part 1: they are for HER!!

Dame Paige crams one dildo into her mouth, gagging her and getting the drool dripping, even as Lady Tegan stuffs a black dong into her snatch. The correction relentlessly continues with Samantha’s uniform stripped down from her tender titties and vulnerable pussy.

Samantha’s eyes show her dismay as Lady Tegan and Dame Paige pull on her nipples, just before Paige blows smoke into Samantha’s mouth! The poor maid gags, not accustomed to tobacco, and she spits up saliva as her state becomes ever more pitiful. Then it’s time for dildo training in her mouth, as Lady Tegan inserts her black dong into Samantha’s lips to induce even more suffering.

She leans over with the drool sliding out of her mouth as Dame Paige holds her hair tightly in her fist. Then it’s time for Dame Paige to do the oral dildo training, as Samantha’s eyes fill with anxiety as her training ruthlessly continues. Can things get even more intense? Be here for Part 3 to find out!

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