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Wendy Moon: FemDom Paradise: Three Glamour Dominas Humiliate Guy

Welcome to FemDom paradise!

Today’s House of Taboo episode by DDF Network is a tribute to the feminine power of today!

This artsy porn spectacle is packed with fetish humiliation and some sensual moments of dominant joy.

See our three Czech glamour dominas Mea Melone, Blanche Bradburry and Wendy Moon torture porn star Jayden Cox in this mysterious role play scene.

The three hotties wear nylons stockings, high heels and corsets. After posing on a while leather couch in a dark room, Mister Cox receives a very special fetish treatment.

The blonde dominatrix pinches his nipples while Mea scratches his chest with her fingernails. Wendy grabs him by the balls and starts sucking his boner while Blanche drills her high heel into his back!

The two brunette babes give him some double face sitting before cramming their cleavages with his face.

Sticky tape on his nipples and tummy plays an essential part in today’s epic fetish porn mystery!

Enjoy this unique XXX humiliation and see him lick one wet twat after the other until he’s released an granted relaxation…

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DDF Updates: FemDom Paradise: Three Glamour Dominas Humiliate Guy

Wendy Moon: Caged & Crammed: Fetish XXX Humiliation in The Basement!

Today’s episode of House of Taboo is granting you insight into some extreme fetish XXX humiliation in the basement of Lucky Striker.

His girlfriend Wendy Moon loves role plays and today, she’s his submissive captive, locked up in a cage in a dark room.

The hot babe is a young sex goddess from the Czech Republic. She looks so sexy and enjoys some masturbation before the arrival of her master.

The bondage scene opens with some choking and gagging in her cage. The young girl is tied up and receives some rough pussy fingering by her master.

Lucky spanks her curvy butt and smashes her naked butt cheeks until they blush red. The XXX fetish scene heats up when Mister Strike ties her on top of the cage and starts with his pussy insertion. He crams her tight twat with a sex toy and penetrates her wet box before making her mouth gape.

He spits into her mouth to teach that horny sweetie a lesson in absolute humiliation.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be his turn and Wendy can make her bondage dreams come true!

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DDF Updates: Caged & Crammed: Fetish XXX Humiliation in The Basement!

Wendy Moon,Mea Melone: Mouth Wash Mondays – Threesome With Golden Shower At The Gym

Mouth wash Mondays are usually not something you might expect at a gym. Today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo introduces a new class to our fetish gym.

Sit back and watch our stunning models Mea Melone and her Czech friend Wendy Moon getting stuffed by David Perry. The French fitness instructor finds it quite disturbing when Wendy accidentally pees on the gym’s hardwood floor.

Mea and David decide to humiliate and educate that young curvy brunette by making her lick up that golden shower mess. In today’s hardcore fetish XXX porn scene, you are about to see some amazing ass gapes and ass licking when the threesome scene heats up and David fucks that young hottie doggy style on the bench while Mea crams her shaved pussy with her young face.

While getting her anus filled with that hard cock, she keeps eating her dominant friend’s twat and gets her ass fingered before David inserts his dong deep into that asshole, again and again!

We deliver breath-taking close-up shots in Full HD of that face sitting moment of fetish joy, right before Mea rides David like a cowgirl while Wendy gives him some ball licking and pleases Mea’s derriere. The two flexible and athletic babes get a sex toy inserted into their fuck holes before David blows his cum into Wendy’s mouth and Mea provides a final golden shower at the gym, right into Wendy’s mouth, which is filled with white spunk!

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DDF Updates: Mouth Wash Mondays – Threesome With Golden Shower At The Gym


Wendy Moon,Latex Lucy,Mea Melone: Latex Dominatrix – Two Submissive Lesbians Fucked With Strap-On

The Latex Dominatrix got herself two submissive lesbians who need to be fucked with a strap-on. Latex Lucy can’t wait to humiliate her two new toys, play with them, and bang their shaved young pussies with her huge black dong. She looks impressive in her shiny latex costume and can’t wait to get into some ass to mouth game in today’s DDF Network episode of House of Taboo. This XXX fetish porn is about to blow your mind just like the strict mistress makes her two subs blow her sex toy! Watch her pulling anal plugs out of Mea Melone and Wendy Moon’s sexy curvy asses and enjoy the two licking each other’s twats after Lucy licked their faces. She keeps spanking their peach-like butt cheeks until they blush and stretching their anus for some beautiful anal gape. The domina treats her subs with some ass licking before inserting that golden anal plug into Mea’s tight butthole. Both sexual depend girls’ wrists are tied to ropes running down from the ceiling while their domina gets them ready for their treatment. The lesbian fetish scene heats up, once the British Sex Goddess of the year 2014 takes out both big enhanced tits from her latex costume and crams Mea’s anus with her long black plastic prick. She then bangs Wendy’s derriere before the scene comes to an end with both submissive babes kneeling in front of her and sucking her strap-on.

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DDF Updates: Latex Dominatrix – Two Submissive Lesbians Fucked With Strap-Onwendy_moon_and_latex_lucy_and_mea_melone_latex_dominatrix_two_submissive_lesbians_832hotd1_1080_8000

Wendy Moon: Fun with a Funnel

Everybody should have a “party piece.” That’s defined as something that people always do when they’re asked to do contribute an entertaining or unusual bit to an evening’s festivities.

It can be a song, a dance, a series of jokes…or it can be having yourself stripped naked with your wrists and ankles bound, and placed upside down in a doorway with a funnel stuck in your lips so that you can try to see how much pee you can aim into your own mouth.

It’s suspenseful for the other guests because, if they’re inclined to wager, they can bet on how many times the urine actually reaches and spirals down the funnel.

True, party pieces have evolved with society. Yesterday’s soulful rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” has become today’s exercise in extreme sex behavior. But just remember, as Wendy Moon here does, that you have to be in the properly uninhibited social circles to be able to perform The Funnel Trick!

Contemplate the pissing possibilities of this up-to-date party piece in a fetish XXX video in Full HD!

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DDF Updates: Fun with a Funnel


Wendy Moon & Mugur: Unspeakable Things

For today’s roleplay we take you into a dank basement, where newcomer to our site Wendy Moon finds herself cuffed to the pipes and at the mercy of man who is interested only in using her for her orifices.

Barefoot, clad only in a crop top and cut-offs, she only knows that she is going nowhere without the permission of this master…

Will she please him? She will try. She will suck the silver bullet vibrator that he puts into her face, especially when he pinches her nose which makes her sucking all the more insistent even as she takes in air through her lips…

She will not resist as he pulls aside the crotch of her shorts to stuff the vibrator in her pink hole, grasping her shaved pussy meat to make the insertion of the unit even deeper. He raises her by her ankles, takes off her shorts completely, and then shifts the focus of his penetration to her asshole…

Then he uses his ruthlessly probing fingers, cramming her cunt, until the obscene juices of her perverse arousal pour out…because she suddenly remembers through the fog in her kinky brain that SHE hired this man to do these things to her splayed cunt and vulnerable ass, weird acts of extreme sex she couldn’t speak about to any of her girlfriends, but only do. See for yourself in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video!

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DDF Updates: Unspeakable Things