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Tina Kay: Lick Up Pick Up: A Submissive Lesbian’s Golden Shower Firsty

Let’s check out a submissive lesbian’s golden shower firsty in today’s cock-hardening House of Taboo scene by DDF Network!

Watch Ani Blackfox enjoy Tina Kay’s hot pee at the gym’s locker room in this absolutely breath-taking fetish porn!

The two brunette babes can’t wait to finger their tight shaved pussies after running in to each other after the workout. Both are tantalized by each other’s scent of sweat.

Tina is a Lithuanian glamour goddess who pees into Ani’s open mouth and all over her face after sucking her hot natural titties.

The Russian bombshell enjoys her golden shower and can’t wait for more! Finally, Tina pulls her subby’s hair and makes her lick up that liquid love from the hardwood floor!

This 4K lesbian porn makes you wanna cum so hard. Enjoy two young babes and their kinky fetish adventure at the gym and feel free to pee all over Ani yourself.

What an incredibly sexy young Russian. Tina can’t wait to see her again. She found a new dirty little playmate to fulfill her XXX fetish fantasies!

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DDF Updates: Lick Up Pick Up: A Submissive Lesbian’s Golden Shower Firsty

Tina Kay: Cum Back – Doc And Nurse Humiliate Teen With Double Dong

Today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo is a phenomenal masterpiece of fetish hardcore porn!

Our two absolutely stunning models Tina Kay from Lithuania and Luna Rival from France will get their asses stuffed by Doc Erik Everhard.

Luna keeps coming back into his office over and over again, while Tina tries to have a sultry and kinky moment with him. The green-eyed brunette is so horny and wants to suck his hard cock, when they decide to make it a threesome and humiliate hot young disturber!

He probes her anus while the nurse feeds her a huge black double dong. She receives some ass fingering and gets her deep throat stuffed with his thick dick. Tina penetrates her asshole with that mega dildo and crams her butthole with that sex toy over and over again.

Luna then licks her shaved pussy and hard nipples while getting her ass fucked by the doc. The babes use spitting to lube up their buttholes!

Now that nurse Tina sees Erik bang Luna’s butthole, she wants to receive some ass fucking herself and double penetrates the young teenager with the double dong while getting her anus filled with Erik’s hard-on.

Finally, Tina licks that spunk off his rod after he came, and keeps on banging that girl next door with the black double dong!

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DDF Updates: Cum Back – Doc And Nurse Humiliate Teen With Double Dong

Nikki Waine,Tina Kay,Dolly Diore: Kinker Bell – Two Latex Dominas And Their Submissive Babe

In today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo, we are invited into the livingroom of the two dominas Tina Kay and Dolly Diore. Whenever Tina rings a bell, their submissive maid Nikki Waine shows up and serves them sparkling wine.

She enters the room in handcuffs and with her ankles tied together. Her mouth is spread open with a metal gag device and she kneels in front of her two mistresses. Time for a submissive horseback ride. Dolly walks the subby on a leach and makes her eat her pussy on the couch. She feeds her these beautiful tits while Tina fingers her shaved twat and spanks her curvy butt.

Meanwhile, Dolly crams her subby’s face with her asshole and the two dominas share that submissive maid for some pussy licking and cram their snatches with her tongue! Yes, that subby’s tongue feels nice on that clit and Dolly crams her anus with a metal dildo.

Tina can’t wait to bang that tiny asshole with her strap-on and spoons her while she licks Dolly’s trimmed cunt.

The fetish scene by DDF comes to an end with both dominas reaching their climaxes and the young subby leaving the room, waiting for the next bell to ring!

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DDF Updates: Kinker Bell – Two Latex Dominas And Their Submissive Babe


Tina Kay: Gym Humiliation – Brunette Submissive Receives Spanking

George Lee has made a decision. It’s time for some gym humiliation. In today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo, the brunette submissive Tina Kay receives some spanking until her butt cheeks blush! While he tries to work out, the stunning bombshell with perfect natural tits keeps being loud and annoying while being tied up to a wall mount.

George already gave her a couple of warnings, but the young defiant babe won’t stop. He walks over and spanks her ass, then drags her over to the workout bench to insert a jumping rope into her fuckholes. One end goes into her shaved pussy, the other grip is being inserted deeply into her tight anus. He crams her face with his hard cock for some deep throat blowjob. After he unplugs that rope from her ass, we get a nice ass gape in Full HD before the brunette Lithuanian glamour beauty gets her pussy fucked by his hard dong. The submissive rides him like a cowgirl while being all chained up from her wrists to her neck.

George slides his meat in and out her butthole and makes her pink twat gape before squeezing her clit. Finally, the well-built stud makes her suck his cock one more time before blowing his cum in her mouth. Tina’s mouth is filled with sperm, so she swallows some of it while the rest keeps running out her mouth. Enjoy this fetish hardcore porn scene and don’t forget to check out those epic closeup shots in our sex pics gallery below!

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DDF Updates: Gym Humiliation – Brunette Submissive Receives Spanking


Yuffie Yulan & Tina Kay: Edgy Extremes

Yuffie Yulan is at the mercy of the commanding Tina Kay in this sizzling roleplay which takes us inside the edgy extremes of the lesbian bondage and spanking experience.

First Tina cruelly tweaks the handcuffed and ankle-shackled Yuffie’s nipples, then she whips that fantastic Yulan booty with a flogger.

If ever a rump was made for spanking, it’s Yuffie’s, and soon enough she receives several hard smacks from her mistress.

But Goddess Tina wants to toy with her slave a bit more, and so she inserts a red vibrator into Yuffie’s ass while fingering her sub’s pussy.

Yuffie surrenders completely to the whims of her demanding queen, and shows her gratitude afterward by licking Tina’s twat and then her black high heels in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

You’ll be dreaming about the future possibilities for hot scenes with Yuffie’s plush bottom!!

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DDF Updates: Edgy Extremes


Tina Kay & Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and wax [Part 2]

Things are heating up again for Ruth and Tina in the dungeon cavern that we last left them at.

Tina is just completely set on punishing Ruth by means of sexual torture tactics. A big black double headed dildo comes out for the 2nd session and Ruth is wincing at the sight of it!

Tina lubes it up good with her mouth and Ruth‘s twat.

Then she decides to squat and take a piss. She had to go, what’s a girl to do when she’s got to go.

Tina messes around with Ruth a bit more, teasing her and keeping her guessing as to what she may do next. Surprisingly, she decides to leave?

Uh-oh, something tells me she’s coming back with the big guns!

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Tina Kay and Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and candle wax!

Ruth Medina is really in for it when she gets coaxed into a cave by sultry dominatrix Tina Kay!

The set becomes an eerie tale of a girl gone bad and woman who loves to punish her for it!

Opening scene has Ruth balling in chains and she seems so distressed. Looks like she was abducted from school, still wearing her uniform.

She’s speaking in Spanish, so it must be on another continent and then a voice cut’s through her cries and tells her she needs to be taught a lesson for misbehaving!

Tina Kay comes in as her dominatrix teacher, all sexy in her glasses and skirt. She rips open Ruth‘s top and starts biting her titties and suckling on her face. Then she gags her and drips candle wax on her chest while flogging her bald beaver with a switch!

Ruth screams and Tina keeps on with her dirty work. We get a double super sweet ass shot as Kay hikes up her skirt and she’s us that round bum of hers and straps Ruth up to smack her bottom real good as well.

Even gapes her ass open for good measure. Some candle wax goes on that round ass of hers, and it’s just the beginning!

Come back to see what happens next at House of Taboo!

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A lovely leak from Lithuania!

Okay ladies and gentleman, you might want to strap yourself into your seats for this one.

What you’re about to see is one of the most gorgeous human beings ever sighted in this part of the universe, in skin tight latex and being just a naughty, naughty girl!

Welcome newcomer Tina Kay to the House of Taboo!

Words are difficult to come in the description of Tina as her beauty is completely captivating. Beautiful green eyes that peer straight into your soul, silky brown hair with strips of blonde perfectly placed, candy lips, and a body that looks as if it were molded by the gods themselves.

All dressed up in latex and popping her booty out for us. Latex thigh high boots and black garters add an extra dimension to her stunning aura, and a mirror makes her double the fun! Literally you could jerk off to her and her twin! You’re gonna wish you had two dicks instead of one!

She plays with her sweet papaya in the mirror and then suddenly starts leaking, oh my gosh, she just pissed for us! Hurry, hurry, someone capture all of that good liquid, I’m sure it’s tasting like a vanilla treat and probably gives you super powers too!

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A lovely leak from Lithuania!