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Tigerr Benson: Prisoner Humiliation – MILFs Cram Pussy & Ass With Strap-On

Tigerr Benson is awaiting her prisoner humiliation by the dominatrix Cathy Heaven.

Today’s 4K BDSM spectacle is packed with ass gapes, pussy gapes, and some serious pussy and ass cramming with a huge black strap-on dildo!

Tigerr is tied to the ceiling with a rope around her wrists. Cathy enters the room and feeds her an anal plug which she then sticks into her massive big tits!

Both chicks wear latex and high heels, when Cathy decides to rip her playmate’s fishnet nylon pantyhose apart! The strong and dominant long-haired mistress keeps spanking her submissive babe’s ass and starts fucking her tight pink pussy with that strap-on.

She fixates her subby in today’s FemDom masterpiece and crams her deep throat with that dildo! Watch her big tits shake and see Tigerr suck that sex toy before she receives some spitting and spanking again!

Finally, Cathy fucks her asshole and rides her like a cowgirl, stuffing that strap-on up her own ass until she reaches her anal orgasm!

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DDF Updates: Prisoner Humiliation – Milfs Cram Pussy & Ass With Strap-On


Tigerr Benson: Pee, Baby! – A Gym’s Dressing Room Makes Her Pussy Wet

Tigerr Benson loves to pee and whenever she’s alone in the gym’s dressing room, she locks the door and makes her pussy wet! This brown-eyed beauty from Great Britain has a fetish for pee and loves to share her golden juice with us today.

Watch the tattooed hottie with puffy nipples and big 34H / 75J tits rub her clit in front of our DDF Network Full HD cameras! She slowly takes off her workout pants and feels that pressure building up inside her bladder. Once she reveals her massive cans, you might get some dirty titty fuck fantasies right away!

She can’t hold it any longer and finds an empty umbrella stand in the corner. She grabs that glass stand and spreads her thighs above its hole. Finally, the urine starts dripping out of her shaved and tattooed cunny. Watch that pierced clit get all wet and enjoy that kinky babe filling up the umbrella stand with golden pee!

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DDF Updates: Pee, Baby! – A Gym’s Dressing Room Makes Her Pussy Wet


Tigerr Benson: Under Cruel Hands

One of our favorite damsels-in-distress, Tigerr Benson from the United Kingdom, is back in a tight predicament that finds her bound naked with ropes over what looks like an antique piano bench. Her 36DD boobs are plumped up thanks to the ropes that encircle them snugly, and her pierced shaved pussy is presented helplessly to whatever shall penetrate it.

Cruel male hands come into the scene, pulling on her cunny lips, squeezing and tugging her nipples, penetrating her quim and mouth, and then pouring red candle wax all over her breasts in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video.

Tigerr can only gasp in a combination of pain mixed with the ecstasy of extreme sex as her torso, from tits to crotch, is covered big drops of hot wax.

Later, after the wax is gone, it’s time for a portable, handheld fucking machine, the dildo of which is lubed up by Tigerr’s mouth and stuffed into her snatch. Turned over so that her butt is raised in the doggie position, our heroine is then banged by the machine in her asshole, and when she’s turned around onto her back once more, we see the bright pink of her pussy between her dark lips as the relentless mechanical cock continues to do her asshole deep!

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DDF Updates: Under Cruel Hands


Nick Lang & Mugur & Tigerr Benson: Serving them Upside Down

In today’s roleplay fantasy, Tigerr Benson finds herself at the mercy of Mugur and Nick Lang. These two cruel fellows only want to use her for the pleasure of their spurting cocks. Suspended ankles-up on a rack, her bare feet cuffed to a horizontal bar, she soon feels Nick’s mouth on her shaved pussy, and then takes both his cock and Mugur’s into her upside down mouth…

They tug and probe her holes, give her a spanking, then Nick fucks her while Mugur holds her jaw and hair. After feeding her mouth their dicks some more, they then get her down on her feet and bent over a bench so that she can be fucked in her ass doggie style by Nick while sucking Mugur.

Her manipulated body is moved once again to the wooden floor so that Mugur can do her ass, and then the lads give her double penetration which leads to the damp climax of this fetish XXX video that concludes with Tigerr once again bound and upside down, but now covered in their sperm!

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DDF Updates: Serving them Upside Down


Tigerr Benson: Ready for her Gushing

Tigerr Benson, that curvaceous temptress from the United Kingdom, takes her adventurous self yet again into the realms of House of Taboo as she is bound with duct tape to a red chair in a red room, her wrists, legs, 36DD boobs, and size 6 bare feet immobilized, and her pink snatch opened wide by the tape.

Miss Benson finds herself in the classic dilemma of having to pee, but being so, so far away from a toilet…

Naturally we here at HOT don’t mind if our models have to take a leak away from the porcelain throne, and soon Tigerr is gushing out her golden fluids all over the red cushion of the chair and the black drop cloth on the floor. Yes, we were prepared for a quite a flow in the studio, and Tigerr gave it to us from her shaved pussy, pissing up a storm in this new fetish XXX video!

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DDF Updates: Ready for her Gushing


Tigerr Benson: She Does Whatever He Wants!

One of the biggest ironies of modern life in the Western world is that the more women achieve equality with men, the more open many of them are to admitting their desires to surrender sexually to males–to be below them, to surrender power and control.

This is one reason why Fifty Shades of Grey, a novel about a sadistic billionaire putting a young woman in bondage, became the biggest bestseller last year. And in this spirit we present Tigerr Benson, an Asian beauty from the United Kingdom, a woman who radiates erotic strength and creativity and power and who could dominate male slaves with ease, instead submitting herself totally in a roleplay scenario as a cocksucking, ass-fucked, pee-drinking slave to David Perry.

In this roleplay, Tigerr doesn’t want to rule, she wants to grovel. With a leash around her neck, David leads her down a staircase on her hands and knees, then cuffs her mitts behind her, has her kneel and service his dick, then bend over and take his meat in her pussy and asshole. She sucks his shaft some more, licks his anus, rides his rod with her well-stretched butthole, and then even submits to his passionate kisses with her wrists still bound behind her back.

She is his slavegirl here, and then he gets her kneeling once more to take his cum all over her tongue and face. But her menu of submission is not quite over yet; he pees in a wine glass and she drinks some of it, sloshes it around in her mouth, and then drools it all over her big bare breasts and dark brown nipples. Still kneeling, she looks up at us submissively…waiting for her next master to arrive, perhaps?

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Clara G. & Tigerr Benson: Bound In Obedient Immobility!

Tigerr Benson must have done something very bad to upset her mistress Clara G., because Clara is punishing Tigerr from the git-go in this new scene. Clara is dressed casually, as if to meet a friend for a fun lunch, but Tigerr did something naughty and requires immediate discipline.

She is bound in leather straps that restrict her movement, and she gets slapped in the face. Bending the bad girl over, Clara smacks her repeatedly on the butt with her crop, action which we see captured from a variety of intimate angles as Tigerr moans and cries out in pain. Then Tigerr is laid lengthwise across a couch, still bound in her straps, and Clara runs her crop over Tigerr’s tits and torso.

Then Clara takes off her jeans and sits her pussy down harshly on Miss Benson’s face, insisting that she get full cunny-licking service from her slave. She squeezes Tigerr’s titties as the girl laps at her clit, and then Clara turns around so that her pussy and ass cheeks will simultaneously engulf the helpless girl’s face. After she puts her jeans back on, Clara takes out a large black dildo which she demands that Tigerr wet with her mouth. Then she turns Tigerr over on her stomach and has her lift up her butt in all its vulnerability. Clara drips saliva down on her submissive’s asshole, and then crams the dildo in there, to stay sticking out like a tail while Tigerr remains motionless on the couch, her ass in the air, her wrists and ankles still bound by their straps into obedient immobility.

Well, as Clara’s tattoo says, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!” A lesson Clara hopes that Tigerr has learned, and will think about, while Clara goes off to have her leisurely lunch with a friend.

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Tigerr Benson: Peeing and Embarrassed!

That kinky babe Tigerr Benson finds herself bound by her legs, wrists, and feet to a classically-sculpted pedestal, and she’s naked and spread for all the world to see.

It is clear she is going nowhere; she has been a bad girl, and we all know that bad girls must be punished (at least in erotic fantasies)! Tigerr has been straining against the ropes for awhile, but she realizes she’s going nowhere, and that she’s going to have to face up to the fact that all the champagne she drank earlier in the evening is catching up with her.

Yes, her dominant master plied her with bubbly, then when she got feisty and rebellious, he had his minions bring her into this room and tie her down to think about the consequences of her disrespectful behavior. And one of those consequences is that she can’t go to the bathroom, but is going to have to take a pee right here in the open! Oh she tries to hold it, it’s so humiliating to pee without control far away from a toilet, but Tigerr got herself into this predicament and now she has to experience the embarrassment! And then it starts spraying out…a long stream from her dark flowery pussy, the urine flooding out just under her pierced labia…and all over the sheet spread out under the pedestal in anticipation of just such an action on her part!

Oh, she can’t bear to show her face to her master anymore…she’s revealed herself totally for the naughty and uncontrollable girl she is…he is going to punish her more…and she knows she deserves it!

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Tigerr Benson: The Puurrfect Milkshake!

How would you like to have your very own Pussy? Okay if your a women reading this you most likely already have one, but were talking about a full grown, human -sized Pussy Cat, with all the trimmings! House of Taboo has called in one of their top starlets, Tigerr Benson, to take us deep into this fantasy zone.

Watch as she crawls around her home stuffing pretty colored anal beds up her butt-hole and then does something really naughty with her milk!

Tigerr comes on the scene in her kitty Cat attire which is a pair of Cat ears, a bow-tie, a tail that’s stuffed in her ass, and her birthday suit. Some nice whiskers and a cute little cat nose drawn in too. She displays her curvy, dick stiffening body in various playful positions and her high beam headlights really get the drool going from our mouths.

She has a large pink pacifier which she enjoys sucking and sticking inside her bald biscuit. Then it’s time for the tail to take a break as a huge red butt-plug tags in for a few rounds of spelunking into her tight cavern. It’s actually just setting up the ground work for the anal beads that are next.

She bends that sweet heart shaped ass over at us and pulls the balls out one by one while mimicking a cat, and some kind of juice comes out!

Hmmmm, maybe a cleaning is in order.

Milk to the rescue! They say that milk does a body good, well, not sure if they meant you should shoot it up your asshole with a turkey baster, but that’s exactly what Tigerr does! Then with the power of her anus she sprays it all over the floor and licks it up. Bad, bad little kitty! Milk shake anyone?

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Tigerr Benson: Invasion of the Condom Snatcher!

Tigerr Benson is back at House of Taboo!

The buxom babe with the 36D’s from the United Kingdom shows up in a sizzling red latex outfit doing some office work with a white laptop, a precarious silver tin with seemingly torturous instruments inside, and a waste basket full of colored condoms.

Oh my, what could Tigerr be up to now!

We’re treated straight away to one of her heavenly melons as she peels it out of her latex suit pinching the ever so suck-able jellybean sized nipple she’s got there. Her other tit gets jealous and comes out to play soon after.

Then it seems as though Tigerr spreads her pierced coochie open and drizzles into the condom littered waste basket. She then pops the condoms into her mouth one by one, and it looks like she’s emptying all the cold jizz right down her hatch? Could it be? WOW!! Come on Tigerr!

We got hot fresh stuff waiting for you right here, plenty of members would love to donate! Why get your protein cold? Ahhh, heck, okay maybe she enjoys it cold.

As you’ll see, she pretty much bathes herself in the cold cum, and from the expressions on her face, that stuff is like an aphrodisiac! She gets the sticky icky white stuff all over her tits, twat, and tongue, even gargles with it while chewing on the condoms two at at time.

You thought you knew taboo? Think again!

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