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Bonnie Rose: Outrageous Exam

Let’s say your name is Mr. Jones. You come to DDF Genital Hospital for a routine yearly checkup, but Nurse Bonnie Rose is more interested in seeing how you respond to her outrageous pubic procedures as performed on her own person!

After she opens her pink latex uniform and takes the pulse of her pie under her pink lace thong, Nurse Bonnie then inserts a long silver medical instrument into her quim–looks like a speculum for viewing vaginas–and then, just for the sake of adventure, crams another one in there too!

The more the mushier, as we always say!!

She works the instrument over her nipples as well, and then demonstrates that she can take the two items into her mouth also. But Nurse Bonnie will not be outdone by technology. She saves the best probing for last in this fetish XXX video, wetting her hand with her saliva and then fisting her shaved pussy!

How’s your blood pressure now, Mr. Jones?? 😉

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DDF Updates: Outrageous Exam



Ann Marie La Sante: Raiding the Doctors Toybox!

You can’t keep a hot girl away from good toys. That’s what the inexperienced doctor learns when he leaves his patient Ann Marie La Sante alone in the office with a boxful of medical implements, all of which promise fun and orgasms to this adventurous gal.

After a brief exam, the doc has to leave for a few minutes, and restless Ann Marie goes over to his counter, where she finds a collection of promising goodies. Taking off her shorts and panties, she crams herself first with her fingers, to prime her pussy for some kind of silver metal speculum. Then she tries her luck with a clear plastic clamp to hold her cunny lips. This magnifies the inner pinkness of her snatch so that we can peer into the tunnel between her thighs.

Next comes a metal funnel which has an accompanying probe. She opens her twat with the funnel and uses the probe to masturbate her clit. She gets on her knees on the examining tale with the funnel and probe sticking of her pie. Then she tries another metal probe, this one almost shaped like a rocketship in the classic 1930s Flash Gordon serials. It sticks out of her clam as she rubs herself with one of the other metal probes. This combination seems do the trick for her. Then suddenly she hears the doctor coming back, but unfortunately she can’t dress and return the toys to the box in time before he sees what she’s been up to! He examines the toys for any pussy juice, then tells her to report to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription for heavy duty nymphomania treatment!

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Mira Sunset: Psycho-Medical Mayhem [Part 1]

Enter the strange world of medical erotic fantasy as enacted by Mira Sunset, David Perry, and Totti! “What did I do to deserve this?” thinks Mira as she’s wheeled into the examining room by her boyfriend Totti. “Oh that’s right…I went berserk in our apartment…I threatened the neighbors…I threatened Totti…”

The only way she’s not going to get into serious legal trouble is if she undergoes a rigorous examination to discover the causes of her frequent hysterical outbursts and bizarre mental blackouts. Her behavior has been so extreme she’s kept in straitjackets and tied down, but now she is here with Totti to help her through an extensive physical probing and pubic analysis under the hands of Dr. David Perry, who believes it’s important for a loved one to be alongside the suffering patient in order to give her hope!

So it is Totti who gives Mira the sedative pill, and who releases her from her bonds in the wheelchair. Still clad in her straitjacket, Mira is examined by Dr. Perry while Totti stands compassionately nearby. Her reflexes seem okay. Now let’s check her pussy, she hears Dr. Perry saying…first there is the coolness of his stethoscope on her mound, and then the tugging fingers make room for the speculum…now perhaps we will find the source of her problems, she hears Dr. Perry intoning…or is she dreaming this??

Her vagina is spread open with the speculum, and she feels the huge rectal thermometer probing her butt…oh she wants to get well soon, so she supposes this is how they’ll get to the bottom of her problems…thank heaven it’s Totti who’s probing her asshole, he knows it well…but now it’s Dr. Perry’s turn. “He’s tugging apart my anus!!” she silently gasps in her brain. What’s coming next? Oh thank goodness she has the loving touch of Totti’s lips near, to comfort her as she goes through these bizarre medical trials…be here next week to find out what happens!

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Cathy Heaven: Pissing Relief [Part 2]

Last we left Cathy she was in her own Heaven of hot piss in the doctors office. All dressed up in her latex nurses uniform and browsing through the speculums.

We open up here with her fine naked twat spread wide and a crazy science fiction- like probe getting the blowjob treatment from her succulent mouth. Pussy, or asshole? That’s her dilemma. Which will she choose?

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Debbie White: Cum Hard County Clinical Exam!

Debbie White is one of those babes at DDF that’s been here for a few years now, but she just keeps getting better and better. The 5’5″ grey eyed starlet has a very sexually sophisticated Eastern European look that drives men and women alike to the brink of insanity with passion.

House of Taboo welcomes her again to perform in front of the lens, and this time, she’s the wickedly horny nurse who gives herself a gynecological exam!

From the very beginning you get the sense that this is not your typical nurse! A black and red vinyl outfit replace the traditional white of the medical field, and the long silver speculum in her hands is exploring her mouth and the folds of her juicy vagina.

Her 34C breasts are revealed and the cameras zoom in for a close up of her stiff nipples, putting us right in the examination room, front row seat. Within moments the room is filled with her moans of sheer ecstasy as she plunges the silver tool deep inside her pierced pie.

Her long shapely legs folded back in the air as if a mysterious force were holding them for her so she can penetrate deeper and deeper. She gets up on her knees and that super round, curvaceous booty pops up like a balloon, just waiting for some motion from the ocean!

The nipple of a precarious clear plastic bottle is stuffed into her anus, usually reserved for cleansing, but the ultra horny nurse is fucking her tight hole with it instead! Then she jams two speculums in her pie for extra satisfaction.

From our doctors spread eagle view, it look s like a metal robot cock freakin Debbie, and then double penetrating her as well. We get a birds eye view of the naughty nurse with her legs folded back as a finale. Both silver stickers bringing her to a climactic orgasm that leaves her flushed on the lime green examination table staring back at us with her amazing grey eyes!

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Sahara meets Dr. Demento

“Come into my examination room my dear its time to have a little fun with you.”

Sahara is an unfortunate patient of Doctor Demento. To her horror he begins her session with a tour of the equipment to be used on her. Sahara is a bit resistant and must be restrained to the examination table.

Doctor Demento begins with a breast examination that includes stimulating the poor girls nipples with clamps. Sahara‘s examination also includes an oral inspection with the Doctor’s all beef thermometer, followed by a vaginal and anal inspection with the insertion of a speculum. When the diabolical doctor samples her pussy with his stiff cock, the reluctant and restrained damsel is a bit resistant and uncooperative.

The evil Doctor solves the problem with an injection of spanish fly serum from a needle and syringe into one of her velvety smooth nether globes. To her surprise and the Doctor’s expectation, the serum works and Sahara is soon fucking like a champ when the Doctor takes her from behind, and fills her ass crack with his hot syrupy cum!

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Carol and Jenna Lovely: Let’s play doctor

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOR These two gorgeous babes are exploring the basement of a house and come upon an old medical chamber. It seems to be equipped with a lot of interesting objects. The girls decide to play some doctor games and continue their explorations inside each others svelte young bodies.

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOROne plays nurse and one plays the patient, but they both take turns using speculums, thermometer, suction cups and an enema rig on each other. Jenna opens up Carols pussy with a large speculum and takes a look inside. Carol returns the action but would rather peer into Jennas cute puckering bottom hole. In between prying speculums and squirting enema nozzles they treat each others pussies to a luxurious and satisfying tongue bathing.