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Blue Angel: Strict Principles: Naughty Schoolgirl Spanked And Fucked

Kai Taylor excepts his students to follow strict principles. Blue Angel is a pretty naughty young schoolgirl from Hungary.

The blonde bombshell with blue eyes and small natural tits gets some extra education by Kai in today’s House of Taboo scene by DDF Network.

Watch him spank her curvy ass and see how Mister Taylor puts that slim college student over his knee. The teenage hottie submissively receives her treatment and secretly enjoys his strong hands on her butt cheeks.

He crams her mouth with his hard big cock for a blowjob and shovels that boner down her deep throat. The bondage loving principal educates that young babe by banging her tight shaved pussy in standing sex position while spanking her butt cheeks.

He slides his meat in and out her juicy twat and fucks her on the office desk. Over and over again, Kai stuffs her mouth with a ruler and some stockings before choking her with a tie.

He fucks her deep and hard, then slides his cock into her mouth while spanking her pussy with the ruler. When he finally blows his cum in her mouth, she might have learned her lesson.

Or maybe not?

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DDF Updates: Strict Principles: Naughty Schoolgirl Spanked And Fucked

Tina Kay: Cum Back – Doc And Nurse Humiliate Teen With Double Dong

Today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo is a phenomenal masterpiece of fetish hardcore porn!

Our two absolutely stunning models Tina Kay from Lithuania and Luna Rival from France will get their asses stuffed by Doc Erik Everhard.

Luna keeps coming back into his office over and over again, while Tina tries to have a sultry and kinky moment with him. The green-eyed brunette is so horny and wants to suck his hard cock, when they decide to make it a threesome and humiliate hot young disturber!

He probes her anus while the nurse feeds her a huge black double dong. She receives some ass fingering and gets her deep throat stuffed with his thick dick. Tina penetrates her asshole with that mega dildo and crams her butthole with that sex toy over and over again.

Luna then licks her shaved pussy and hard nipples while getting her ass fucked by the doc. The babes use spitting to lube up their buttholes!

Now that nurse Tina sees Erik bang Luna’s butthole, she wants to receive some ass fucking herself and double penetrates the young teenager with the double dong while getting her anus filled with Erik’s hard-on.

Finally, Tina licks that spunk off his rod after he came, and keeps on banging that girl next door with the black double dong!

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DDF Updates: Cum Back – Doc And Nurse Humiliate Teen With Double Dong

Cindy: Leaking Roof: Submissive Schoolgirl Gets Her Ass Crammed And Spanked

Choky Ice enjoys a nice book in the afternoon when he suddenly notices the noise of running water. Is his roof leaking? He looks up and sees his submissive schoolgirl Cindy peeing onto the glass floor above. He can’t believe his eyes! The brunette teenager’s wrists are tied to a wooden pole and she pees through her pink panties, when Choky decides to teach her a lesson and give her the education she needs.

Cindy looks so hot in her school uniform and when Choky lifts her skirt and removes the wet panties, he starts spanking that tight young butt with a whip. Then he starts licking her ass and cramming her tight twat with a thick black sex toy. He stuffs her wet pussy with that rubber dong and penetrates her tiny butthole with another black dildo. After double penetrating her two fuckholes, he makes her go deep throat on his boner and then starts banging her asshole from behind. They shift to the floor where Cindy rides his cock like a cowgirl before he unplugs his thick dick and makes her ass gape wide open!

Choky is not done yet and bends his sub forward to slide his helmet into her butthole. Then he fucks her quim doggy style while penetrating her asshole with the black silicon dildo. Her small natural tits pop out for a sec when he shoots his cum on her ass. Hopefully the rood won’t leak for the rest of the day. Otherwise he would have to tamp her pipe again.

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DDF Updates: Leaking Roof: Submissive Schoolgirl Gets Her Ass Crammed And Spanked


Kiara Lord & Sabby: Secret Room of Kink

Kiara Lord has an attitude when she goes to the doctor…she’s one of the more rebellious students in the school, and her teacher has recommended a thorough physical exam to determine if Kiara’s inability to behave has an organic basis.

However, the college’s resident physician, Dr. Sabby, has an attitude as well…a sadistic one! After getting Kiara to spit out her chewing gum, the devious doc replaces it with a pill that renders the plaid-skirt and t-strap-shoe wearing coed unconscious.

He then carries her through a hidden door into his secret room of kink, where he binds her wrists to the ceiling, spanks her, pulls down her panties and licks her pussy, and then whips her with a rope before putting her on her knees to suck his dick.

Yes, the doctor has his way with the student in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex, the roleplay climaxing with Kiara being fucked from behind while her wrists are bound, and then her tongue getting spunked by the doctor’s ruthless dong.

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Anita Berlusconi: Easy Relief

Anita Berlusconi knows that if she takes any time out from her studies for the big exam, she might get distracted by the television in her family’s living room.

So she’s locked herself in the recreation room alone to concentrate on her work, and when the call of nature demands relief, making her clutch at her crotch in her skirt, well, instead of venturing out of the room she takes a pee in a glass waste paper basket.

Watch as this cutie drops her skirt, tugs aside her pink panties, squats her knee-socked legs, and squirts a lot of gold into the glass!

Then, when she’s done with her pissing, she puts the basket back under the table and returns to her studies like a good girl!

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Candy Sweet: Pretty Rebel Gets Punished!

Maybe it’s true when they say that if you don’t pay attention to your studies, your life will not go easily. A case in point is pretty Candy, who has been a very naughty student indeed.

At the institution of higher learning where she has chosen to study, disciplinary problems are dealt with in a very strict fashion. Candy is required to sit in a dank little room, still wearing her school uniform, but securely bound hand and foot, and even secured by her neck.

When she’s thirsty, she’s offered a drink–but then it’s thrown in her face, splashing down her vest, blouse, skirt, and all over her purse. Then she asks for a cigarette, defying her captors (it was smoking in class that got her in trouble in the first place), only to find herself getting doused with olive oil from the top of her head and down all over her clothes, putting out her cigarette and perhaps her spirit of rebellion too.

Yes, she is thoroughly drenched with oil by the faceless security guards of the school, even to the extent that they pull open her panties to pour the oil inside. Still bound hand and foot, she can’t resist in any way. Next she’s shown that the only thing she will be good for if she doesn’t buckle down to her studies is to suck cock all day, and big cock at that.

Her head is held in place as the bulbous tip of an enormous flesh-colored dildo is put into her mouth, and then rubbed all over her panty-covered pussy and then her snatch itself. Then, taken out of her school uniform, she is strung up by her wrists, standing only in her panties, knee socks, and shoes. More olive oil is poured on her body, and her panties are tugged down by probing fingers which then whip the panties across her body and even stuff them into her mouth. The taste obviously does not please her.

Next she’s lowered to the floor on her back, with her legs splayed wide by the ropes, and she watches as the huge tip of the gigantic rubber cock is stuffed inside her pussy. After her ordeal, she’s allowed to sit alone, still secured by her wrists, neck, and ankles, in the corner of the starkly lit room–alone to contemplate which will reap better rewards: a life of obedience or a career of defiance.

She certainly has been given enough evidence that defiance will only lead to severe treatment at the hands of her merciless supervisors, so perhaps she will decide to opt for obedience in the future. If she doesn’t, she will undoubtedly receive further punishments…

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Demetris: Naughty Miss Pottypants!

Poor Demetris! It’s bad enough that her grades as a first year college student aren’t up to par…but she seems to be having other problems as well. She is acting rather immature, shall we say…dressing a bit youthfully…sitting in the first row and showing off her legs to Professor Bloom and batting her eyelashes at him…and then in the middle of an important lecture, raising her hand and asking permission to go to the bathroom!

All the other students in the lecture hall laugh at the silliness of her behavior, even as the baffled professor, who isn’t accustomed to his freshmen and freshwomen asking for potty permission, merely nods his assent. But when Demetris tries to get into the bathroom down the hall, she discovers it’s locked! Oh dear! What is a girl to do but squeeze her smooth pretty legs together to try to hold back the pee?

But that’s not going to solve the problem. The door is not going to magically open. On the other hand, she doesn’t have time to race around the corridors looking for the custodian to unlock the door, so…so she’ll just have to go on the floor unless she wants to keep wetting her panties and soaking her socks and making her pretty mary jane shoes all stinky with pee!

Look at the spot that just appeared, it’s only the beginning, so she better not wait! She tugs aside the pink cotton crotch panel and lets it rip. Oh that feels so good to let out all that pee…she knew she shouldn’t have drunk so much soda this morning with her breakfast…yes, she knows soda is not good for breakfast, but she loves it! Nothing like a scrambled egg sandwich and root beer to start a girl’s day!

And now it’s coming out in all that pee, all over the floor, what a gusher, and she hopes nobody from the lecture hall can see her doing it! At least, she TELLS herself that she hopes nobody can see her…because she certainly doesn’t mind if WE watch! 😉

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Gina: Toy of His Perversion [Part 1]

Yes, Gina dear, it IS possible to get rid of your heavy burden of student loans after college relatively quickly…if you sign a contract to a kinky rich man who’s had his eye on you for some time, ever since he spotted you in a museum during your junior year doing research for an art history paper!

He struck up a conversation and said if you ever needed any assistance during your education, to call on him. And when you saw the debts you’d have to pay after graduation, you gave him a buzz. It’s simple, really. All you have to do is indenture yourself to him as a toy of his perversion! Your loans will be paid off, and you simply have to indulge his bizarre tastes once a week by allowing him to put you in a schoolgirl’s outfit complete with white blouse, red argyle tie, and blue-and-red plaid skirt! Oh, and you have to stand in a specially built cabinet overnight, with your wrists and legs bound, while you await his pleasure!

When he finally opens the cabinet, he tells you not to make a peep…not because anybody else is around to hear, because he lives alone in his mansion…but just because he likes to hear himself telling you to keep your lip zipped! Then he stands behind you in the cabinet, puts his hands through the special arm holes, and lets his fingers in latex gloves roam over your face, your neck, your hair, your lips, your teeth…tugging, pulling, exploring…HUMILIATING…you feel his palms fondling your breasts and then pulling up your blouse, exposing your nakedness. Then your skirt comes up, so your panties are revealed, and soon those are peeled off so that his latex-sheathed digits may probe and squeeze and distend your girlish nether lips…and you can hear him chuckling as he does all these irrational acts, which give him pleasure and fuel his remarkable ability to walk amongst men as a money-making machine, a financial wizard!

Sometimes a man acts strangely in his sexual affairs, perhaps even illogically, to be clear-headed and razor sharp in the other areas of his life. And then, after he grunts out his satisfaction at your degradation, he closes the cabinet doors for awhile, so you can think about your further treatment when he returns…in Part 2 next week!

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Gloria: Pissing for Punishment [Part 1]

When Gloria gets busted smoking cigarettes by one of her teachers that rats on her, the college girls world comes tumbling down. You see, the Dean of her school doesn’t play games, and he really hates disobedience.His name is Dean Ice, because he’s Ice cold, and Gloria is about to feel his freeze!

Gloria doesn’t confess to her misdeeds, and the Dean gets pretty infuriated. He grabs her by her schoolgirl tie and smells her breathe. Uh-oh, he smells ciggies, not too good for Gloria. He then inspects her bag and finds a box of tobacco sticks which she denies being hers. That’s trouble with a capital T right there.

Gloria apologizes and says she needs to take a piss. The dean puts her on her knees to think about her punishment and leaves the room, but Gloria can’t hold it and grabs his glass vase filled with rocks from his desk, empties it in the corner, and takes a hot piss in it. After rubbing her clit that is. She shoots a mad stream into the vase, and definitely does not hit a bulls eye, trickling some drops to the ground underneath.

When Choky comes in and finds that she pissed in his vase, she’s done for! He bends her over his desk and spanks her, then he finds a butt plug in her bag, and tells her to use it while he watches. Just a warm up for what’s coming to this naughty student. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Grace Noel & Vanessa Jordin: Spank and Spread!

Naughty schoolgirl Grace Noel didn’t excel like she should have in her first year college course of home ed, and for that she will pay dearly.

You see, her teacher, Vanessa Jordin, moonlights as a very demanding dominatrix, and she’s had her eye on Grace for sometime.

She invites Grace to her domain, and her final grades will depend on just how much she can handle from good ole teach!

Things open up with Grace being sweetly caressed by her teacher and quickly turn to her having a dog collar wrapped around her neck and being ordered to her bowl of milk on all fours.

It’s like yin and yang with the differences in the two foxy ladies attire. School girl outfit on one, and tight leather mini dress with cut-off sleeves on the other, the best of both worlds!

Grace is a good little submissive, lapping up her milk without uttering a word with her luscious looking pierced tongue. Mistress Vanessa, once again lovingly caresses the dames silky lochs and makes sure not to get her hair wet in the bowl of milk she’s lapping up. She then starts kissing Grace, and Grace really isn’t having that.

The mistress becomes annoyed and pulls her to her chair, revealing her shaved cup cake for her babe to enjoy. Grace starts a-lickin that hot twat of her teachers, however she’s not so enthusiastic about it, and Vanessa really starts to get fumed about her unwillingness to satisfy her for better grades.

Grace gets tied down to a table doggy style and the spanks that follow on her juicy pale rear-end are EPIC! Your nuts will scream for release at the sound of that bum being peppered alone, let along how juicy that caboose of hers looks bent over and popped up high in the air. Gorgeous sight indeed.

Then Vanessa really gives her the punishment with a HUGE black dildo, and shoves it in her mouth, with a look on her face that says she means business. Anal business! After boring her mouth out, it’s a spit lube job and time to sink that big black ship in her pink bung!

Grace‘s pussy looks like a taco from paradise ready to be smacked down on and when her ass gets penetrated you can see it beckoning for some pleasure too. It’s almost like her Pussy is saying ” Darn you asshole, why do you always get all the fun! ”

After Vanessa is done reaming her hole, she gives Grace a nice taste of that backdoor delight and lets her enjoy being tied up, kind of like sitting in a corner with a dunce hat, but only so much better!