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Satin Bloom: Absolute Surrender, Part 2

Satin Bloom continues to be educated in the ways of absolute surrender to her stern pimp, portrayed by Cage, in the second half of this intense Full HD BDSM roleplay video and pics which showcase the encounter of a prostitute and her master.

Sitting on the floor with a fringed black buttplug sticking out of her bottom, Satin sees the shadowy approach of her naked dom and then feels his relentless hands manipulating her body, getting her into the positions he requires to fuck her pussy.

Naked except for her sheer black thigh high stockings and heels, she is his total sex slave whether she’s laying back upside down to suck his dick, or leaning forward against the wall with the buttplug now stuffed in her mouth while he bangs her snatch from behind.

Finally to demonstrate that he rules every inch of her body, including the inside of her vagina, he gives her a creampie with the thick drops of his spume leaking out between her lips. Then he sticks his fingers in there, scoops out the splooge, and feeds it to Satin, utterly enforcing his supremacy over her body and soul in this truly taboo fetish XXX video crammed with extreme sex.

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DDF Updates: Absolute Surrender, Part 2


Satin Bloom: Absolute Surrender [Part 1]

In today’s intense roleplay, the beautiful Satin Bloom portrays a prostitute who is being given lessons in total submission by her pimp, played by Cage. After speaking to her harshly at the beginning of this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video, Cage returns with a metal neck clamp which restrains Satin’s hands and wrists so that he may more effectively steer her to absolute surrender.

After laying her on her side and spanking her ass, Cage then uses her mouth to lubricate a black plug which he crams into her bottom. Then he makes her squat over on the couch and suck his cock as the extreme sex ramps up.

Shifting her to the floor, he has her kneel before his ruthless rod and even pinches her nose to encourage her to give him the worshipful blowjob he requires–and this makes Satin’s eyes bulge in surprise. After this, he bends her over on the couch again and spanks her ass some more.

For the final act of this first part of her disciplinary lessons, Cage strips Satin down to just her sheer black stockings and heels, and then has her kneel on the floor and kiss and lick his brown shoes. What challenges will she face next? Be here in a few days and you’ll see.

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DDF Updates: Absolute Surrender, Part 1


Katarina & Satin Bloom: Bizarre Garden Party

When you’re the plaything of a powerful female, what else can you do but get down on your knees and simply exist as something for her to amuse herself with?

This is the lesson learned by Katarina when she is naked and bound and at the mercy of Mistress Satin Bloom, who leads her outdoors onto the grass by a leash and gets her kneeling before the power of the infamous DDF Fucking Machine.

Katarina gets boffed doggie style in this fetish XXX video of lesbian bondage antics. Then she is laid spread-eagled on her back with her 34DD breasts tied tightly to stick up as Satin holds the controls and has the Fucking Machine’s black dildo thrust back and forth into Katarina’s pussy.

Some wild overhead shots of this bizarre garden party capture the kinky action from an unusual angle, too.

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Tempting hot latina Satin Bloom gets spanked hard in latex

Tempting hot latina Satin Bloom gets spanked hard in latexThis is the time for Satin Bloom to get totally exploited, the man performing it is Cage, who takes the most of the sweet tempting chick! First he ties up well the slim girl in latex, and makes sure she won’t speak for a while, just moans either for pleasure or for some kinky pain… Then he reveals her perfect tits and pretty ass, and gives it some warming-up spanking, only to continue with preparing her tight asshole for some bigger action! I wonder how the story goes on…

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