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Sapphire: Domme Plays Sub!

Domme Plays Sub!In today’s roleplay scenario, Sapphire Blue is a dominatrix who finds the tables turned, and herself in a classic bondage fix! Despite the fact that she is wearing the boots of a haughty powerful mistress, she is tied to a wrought iron door, red ropes taut around her wrists and even running underneath her 32F tits and around her tummy. The only things she’s wearing are those black leather thigh high boots.

She came over to this house thinking she was going to be doing a femdom session, ordering around a wealthy male slave and making him lick her heels, but…well, she shouldn’t have said she was a switch, because as a change of pace the submissive side of her personality is required for this switchable client, who sits off-camera (just like us!) and watches her struggle against her bonds. But like any true switch, Mistress Sapphire Blue can indeed get into the role of damsel-in-distress, just like the great Bettie Page did in her 1950s photos where she would shift from being a glowering domme to a hogtied captive.

As she tugs at her restraints, Sapphire endures the ultimate humiliation of not being able to hold her pee! Yes, what a naughty slave she is, pissing herself right between those spread thighs, her golden nectar splashing on the ground between those boots that are usually worshipped and licked by men! An interesting thought crosses her mind even as she keeps peeing. Maybe she won’t wipe her urine off where it splashes her boots…and so the next time she dominates a client, he will taste the remnants of the dried potion of her glorious waste!

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Paige and Sapphire: Mistress Loves Mouse Traps [Part 2]

Last we left Mistress Paige and Sapphire, Paige was having her very little evil ways with her submissive hot-stress and her juicy melons. Mouse traps were hanging off of her nipples and cigarette ashes had been flicked onto her tongue.

Let’s see what else is in store for this buxom blonde beauty in stockings! Straight away Paige has that bitchy look on her face and those gorgeous sweater puppies are out for some serious nipple nuzzling action from Sapphire.

Then suddenly Paige lifts up her skirt and a long, plastic, see-through strap on cock appears from between her legs! It’s Sapphire‘s job to bob up and down on that appendage until Paige has the urge to fuck her very willing slave. She really sucks it good, and then the mistress bends her over a chair and gives her the full length of the clear coated beast. Her tattooed body thrusting in and out of her defenseless quim from behind.

Then it’s some reverse cowgirl action in which we can see both Sapphires tasty morsel and Paige‘s bat wings pushing through a hole in the strap on. Gnarly!

When Paige is done with her sessions, it’s a little more cigarette smoke in the face for Sapphire. Could that be the end?

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Paige & Sapphire: Mistress breaks out the mouse traps

Mistress Paige is just enjoying a leisurely afternoon in her estate with her favorite submissive, Sapphire.

Mistress Paige couldn’t figure out what to do with her gal today, so she ordered up some cigarettes to smoke while she contemplates what kind of dastardly abuse she could wreak onto her blonde, big boobed babe from Great Britain.

After ogling her gorgeous mams that look like they are ready to serve milk, she decides to ash her cigarette out right on her tongue for starters. She then blows a nice puff of smoke right into Sapphires grill and pulls her by the leash.

Right into spanking position she goes and the mistress lets the flogger fly right onto her taut ass cheeks leaving red whelps everywhere.

The sight of Sapphires long, curvaceous legs adorned in black stockings and 6′ platforms is a feast for the eyes! Get your fill of that image though, because the mistress has other plans, such as mouse trap tittie twisting!

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