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Samantha Bentley & Choky Ice & Sabby: Their Human Playground

In today’s roleplay we see a young woman played by Samantha Bentley being subjected to the humiliating treatment of two masked men. When they finally take her out of her cage in a bleak wooden room, it is to use her like a human playground for their expression of sexual power.

They tug on her pubic hair in this extreme sex scene, then get her kneeling and apply the inches of their meat into her face. Her hands bound before her, they pinch her nose as they attempt to stuff both of their shafts into her mouth. Drool slides off her lips.

Laying her on the top of her cage, they strap her bare feet with a belt as they play with her pussy and continue to fuck her face. Then one guy gets underneath her and the other behind her for the double penetration they must have.

Further defilement of her crotch follows with deep penetration with many fingers in her vagina as well as more ass fucking and gaping.

As they double penetrate her again, her mouth is filled with one of the masked men’s fingers.

Finally they vanquish her with their loads, one on her pussy, the other on her face, and leave her to sleep it off on top of the cage as this intense video comes to a close.

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DDF Updates: Their Human Playground


Marica Hase & Samantha Bentley & Latex Lucy: Naked and Invaded

Latex Lucy (in the red mask) and Samantha Bentley (the black mask) decide to have fun with their mostly naked slave Marica Hase.

Marica wears a mask, too. The latex-sheathed ladies lead their subbie outdoors by her leash, then get her kneeling so she can lick Mistress Bentley’s snatch through a slit in her gold bodysuit.

Then Lucy smacks Marica with a riding crop on her fetching fanny, warming it up for the real exploration to come: the fingering and then the fisting of Miss Hase’s taut asshole.

Then the two dominatrixes lean over their slave and kiss each other as Marica stands in the middle, her ass still tingling from the completed invasion of her rectum in this intense example of Full HD BDSM presented for demanding aficionados of extreme sex!

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Samantha Bentley & Latex Lucy: Intense Experience

Samantha Bentley is one of the only models who can project in the wideness of her big blue eyes the feelings of complex surrender and submissive anxiety that are brought out in a D/s situation between a masterful mistress and a helpless slave.

Miss Bentley reminds us of John Willie’s bound beauties, in that great artist’s 1940s and 1950s drawings and paintings of girls tied hand and foot and at the mercy of cruel dommes. And for a good sampling of Samantha in this Williesque mode, see her dominated by the equally memorable masked Latex Lucy in this new scene of extreme sex, lesbian bondage, and spanking as Mistress Lucy gags Samantha, keeps her on a leash, crams a silver plug in her ass, spanks her butt, and then has Samantha suck her black strap-on.

At the end, Samantha drools at the camera like a completely conquered slavegirl. Even John Willie’s damsel-in-distress Sweet Gwendoline never had such intense experiences like those you’ll see in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

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Zor & Samantha Bentley: High Spirits Restrained

Samantha Bentley certainly gets herself into some interesting fixes!

Outfitted in her best schoolgirl red plaid skirt, white halter blouse, black and white hightop sneakers, and white knee socks–and her brown hair bouncing in a ponytail–she’s playfully swinging on a metal ring hanging from a tree when suddenly the mysterious bondage master Zor walks up.

Immediately he lets her know that her girlish high spirits will only bring her bondage in HIS domain. Watch him intricately tie her up in ropes with her arms tight behind her back, then bind her legs and hoist her up in the air with that same metal ring she was exuberantly swinging from only a few minutes before.

But Zor is not satisfied; he wants her bound and NUDE, and soon he wraps the ropes tightly around her tender naked pink flesh, leaving red marks, as he raises her up in the air in yet more humiliating positions in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM!

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Samantha Bentley: Ain’t No Garden Party!

Samantha Bentley finds herself in a bright summery outdoor situation, but she’s not exactly dressed for a garden party. Instead the nude beauty is thoroughly trussed up with ropes and kneeling on the grass, at the mercy of the infamous DDF Fucking Machine.

With the remote control in the possession of a mysterious male personage only seen by his hands, Samantha is truly a plaything of the mechanical meat shaft as she sucks the thrusting black dildo until saliva slurps out of her mouth.

Then she’s turned around into the doggie position to be penetrated in both her pussy and asshole by the double-team of two black dildos, giving her the dual banging this adventurously kinky lass craves!

Afterward she sits up on the grass, staring at us: still nude, still bound, and clearly drained by her electronically-powered orgasms in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM!

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Nick Lang & Samantha Bentley & Kathia Nobili: Total Female Plaything!

Kathia Nobili and Nick Lang are a wealthy and sexually adventurous couple who share a champagne toast and then go into a secret room where they keep their live-in slavegirl, Samantha Bentley.

She waits for them naked on her knees, her wrists immobilized by iron handcuffs that are linked to a collar around her neck. She is their total female plaything, commanded to do everything from kiss Kathia’s shoes to receiving her spanking to sucking a dildo to blowing Nick’s dick.

The couple use her in so many different ways, penetrating her pussy and mouth and then leaning on her while they fuck each other, with Kathia taking Nick deep in her ass.

But rest assured that in the end, the messy load goes all over the slavegirl’s outstretched tongue in this Full HD BDSM video packed with extreme sex.

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Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 3]

What goes through an adventurous girl’s mind when she looks back over all the intricate and unusual things she’s done? This is the question that pops into our heads as we come back for the final installment of Samantha Bentley’s latest journey into wildness.

She’s appeared often on our site, and you know she loves to experience some truly intense action! In this series, first she tied herself up and masturbated with toys. Then her boyfriend Ian Scott came home, found her that way, and used her throat for his lusty pleasures, leaving her bound by wrist and neck after he finished.

And now, Samantha realizes that the bondage can have a disadvantage when she has to pee…yes, she can’t hold it in, and it gushes out all over the glass table on which she lays…an ocean coming out of her, making her feel so humiliated, so embarrassed! She wonders if Ian can hear the sound of her pee as it pours out of her snatch onto the table…she knows he can certainly SMELL it…and she lays in her own mess and thinks, “Is there any limit to the kinky things I like to do?”

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Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 2]

In last week’s initial installment, Samantha Bentley entertained herself with auto-bondage and anal and oral dildo penetration.

And now she deliberately dozes on the glass table after her orgasm so her man Ian Scott will come home to find her still bound, still nude, and still insatiable! His cock comes out of his sharkskin slacks and is soon in the deepness of Samantha’s throat, not to mention at the center of Samantha’s consciousness!

Straining at her ropes, she sucks him like a woman possessed, turning this way and that as she fills her lips to the brim, taking that huge shaft deep into her face, and stretching her lips wide sucking his balls too!

He stands on the table and fondles her tits as she blows him, then sits down so he can encourage her head to go down, down, down until her nose can almost touch his nuts! In fact he squeezes her nostrils as, her mouth filled with his prick, she raises her wide gray eyes at the DDF cameras with the expression of a woman who may be bound with ropes, but is unrestrained in her lust for male cum loads! Ian tightens the ropes around her wrists and neck as he finally squirts his sperm on her tongue.

But what will Samantha do next? Be here next week to find out!

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Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 1]

Samantha Bentley frequently finds herself under the guidance of stern and even cruel masters and mistresses in her House of Taboo scenes, but as this new appearance shows, she can be her own best dominator if need be!

Her dining room table is equipped with ropes and a black dildo, and she peels herself out of her black satin bustier, panties, and fetishy heels to make herself open and vulnerable as she binds her own ankles to the table. She secures her left wrist as well, and the DDF cameras hover above to show her in her self-imposed captivity.

Then, she makes herself gag on her black dildo, thrusting it deeply into her throat, before cramming it without mercy into her asshole, making herself cry out just as if she were under the fierce hand of an enslaver. Maybe she’s imagining being controlled by an invisible man?

Samantha sucks on her dildo some more, then thrusts it back into her butt, as we see her legs lifting up and straining against their bonds. She slides her left fingers into her pussy as she masturbates herself, lifting her red-polished toes up on their tips as she gasps and groans in her self-stimulated pleasure. She keeps exploding on the toy as the scene winds to a close, as we look down at Samantha from above and wonder what will happen next…so be here next week to find out!

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Clara G. & Lexi Lowe & Samantha Bentley: Perverted Nurses Strike! [Part 2]

Twisted nurses Clara G (in the red uniform) and Lexi Lowe (in the pink) never let their work get in the way of their sapphic pleasures.

They kiss above while they continue their examination of strapped-down patient Samantha Bentley, tugging apart the lips of her mouth and even inserting their fingers into her nostrils.

They also squeeze her tits and pussy, before Clara sits down on Samantha’s face for a short spell of queening therapy. Then it’s time for the insertion of some kind of shiny silver metal probe, and Lexi lubricates the Bentley bungie and then slides the instrument inside, while she licks Sam’s snatch.

Then another long metal toy comes into play, which both Clara and Lexi lick before using it to probe Samantha‘s box before stuffing a plastic tube into the patient’s anus, which makes her ass into a tunnel. Before pulling open Samantha’s mouth with what look like shiny shoehorns, the perverted health providers then lube up her crotch completely to insert an enormous black dildo-like thing into her ass and then her mouth.

Is Samantha cured of whatever brought her to the clinic? We’ll let you make your own diagnosis…

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