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Tina Kay & Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and wax [Part 2]

Things are heating up again for Ruth and Tina in the dungeon cavern that we last left them at.

Tina is just completely set on punishing Ruth by means of sexual torture tactics. A big black double headed dildo comes out for the 2nd session and Ruth is wincing at the sight of it!

Tina lubes it up good with her mouth and Ruth‘s twat.

Then she decides to squat and take a piss. She had to go, what’s a girl to do when she’s got to go.

Tina messes around with Ruth a bit more, teasing her and keeping her guessing as to what she may do next. Surprisingly, she decides to leave?

Uh-oh, something tells me she’s coming back with the big guns!

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Tina Kay and Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and candle wax!

Ruth Medina is really in for it when she gets coaxed into a cave by sultry dominatrix Tina Kay!

The set becomes an eerie tale of a girl gone bad and woman who loves to punish her for it!

Opening scene has Ruth balling in chains and she seems so distressed. Looks like she was abducted from school, still wearing her uniform.

She’s speaking in Spanish, so it must be on another continent and then a voice cut’s through her cries and tells her she needs to be taught a lesson for misbehaving!

Tina Kay comes in as her dominatrix teacher, all sexy in her glasses and skirt. She rips open Ruth‘s top and starts biting her titties and suckling on her face. Then she gags her and drips candle wax on her chest while flogging her bald beaver with a switch!

Ruth screams and Tina keeps on with her dirty work. We get a double super sweet ass shot as Kay hikes up her skirt and she’s us that round bum of hers and straps Ruth up to smack her bottom real good as well.

Even gapes her ass open for good measure. Some candle wax goes on that round ass of hers, and it’s just the beginning!

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