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Roxy Mendez: Slave To The Machine!

What do you wear on a date with The Fucking Machine? If you’re Roxy Mendez, you go for basic pink–pink ropes, that is, entwined about your torso and wrists, binding your hands to your sides, but still revealing everything from your boobs to your butt to the sweet landing strip of pubes above your box.

Roxy licks and sucks the upthrust black dildo of the Machine, and then kneels on the floor in front of it and continues to suck. She is the slave to the Machine! As if it has a life of its own, it prods her titties and pussy, as she lays back on a long table so that the Machine can have its way with her crotch.

We see the robotic arm of the Fucking Machine as it moves back and forth in her snatch, the black dildo penetrating her juicy veeg. Roxy lifts her legs as the tempo heats up and the Machine bangs her ever more relentlessly. Her twat gleams with wetness! Then she gets on her knees so that the Machine can do her doggie style.

Watch the bizarre metal arm of the Mechanical Meat Man as it plows its dildo into its human female lover! Finally Roxy explodes in climax, and then as the dildo of the Fucking Machine slides away, she drifts off into a post-orgasmic sleep. But then she wakes up and looks at us. Who knows what bizarre dreams she’ll now have after her date with a robot rod??

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Roxy Mendez & Roxette Rocks: Sin and Bare it!

Roxy Mendez has been bad. And so her domme, Mistress Roxette Rocks, needs to apply discipline in its various forms.

First Roxy, with her butt bared in a cut-out black vinyl dress, is tied to a table and spanked with an official House of Taboo paddle. It sure looks like it stings! Then the barefoot miscreant’s bottom is revealed further so that Mistress Rocks can smack it with her naked hand.

Nothing like the human touch of a firm palm to add a humiliating edge to a spanking! Roxy cries out but her pleading and whining will not move Mistress Rocks in the least. The domme knows what she has to do, and that a certain level of behavior must be achieved by this slave, and pronto!

Mistress Rocks has Miss Mendez kneel so that she may be stripped of her dress and then tied face down on the table. Red ropes at her wrists and ankles keep Roxy firmly anchored, and she’s not going anywhere. The mistress applies her hand and a long black crop all over Roxy’s luscious round behind, and then it’s time for red candle wax therapy as the dominatrix pours it all over Roxy’s rear. “What have I done to deserve this??” Roxy thinks, going through the list of sins in her mind…but her seat is sizzling too much for her to concentrate on any accurate inventory of her fuck-ups as a submissive. She’ll just have to accept the fact that she’s sinned somehow or other, and now she’ll have to bear the punishment on her bare bottie.

Soon her mistress turns Roxy over on her back, licks her face with animalistic fervor, runs her riding crop over Roxy’s pussy, squeezes her titties, and then applies yet more red candle wax to the front of Roxy‘s body! Talk about a scarlet letter for sin–Roxy is getting a whole scarlet abstract painting on her boob made up of the red drippings! She cries out at the heat of the wax, and then she’s left to lay alone on the table to contemplate whether she’ll make the effort to be a better slave in the future!

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