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Wet And Pissy: Bella Karina in Grande Fun

This New Year update comes from our friends at Wet and Pissy – check out more updates at PuffyAndPissy.com.

027Pretty blonde Carina couldn’t wait to pull down her shorts to pee onto a glass table and once finished, she pulls them back up and sits in her pissy puddle.

Diving into her golden piss juice, this beautiful blonde licks her own pee. Stripping naked, she pisses again, this time onto her blouse and she squeezes her warm piss over her sexy, naked body.

Using a pussy pump, Carina makes her pussy puffy and pees into the tube, pouring the contents over her hair and tits. She uses a dildo on her pussy and relieves herself once more, squirting pee all over the floor.

The number of times this kinky blonde pees on camera is amazing, and includes one more attempt, this time peeing on her pretty feet.video-grande-fun_1080P


Pink Pussy and Bob Terminator: PISS PLAY

Pink Pussy pissing And pink it is, just look at the close ups in the slow motion video segment. She mounts herself on Bobís knees in an open squat position and lets a golden stream go. The spurts and sputters of her hot piss arch up and splash into a puddle on the floor below. Between her protruding urethra and the floor is Bobís dangling rigid cock, which bobs about as the spurts of piss hit it and splatter about.

Pink Pussy pissingWhen she is finished, Pink Pussy dismounts and cleans Bobís piss soaked cock with a luxurious blowjob. She brings Bob to an orgasm that delivers a mouth full of jism from her piss mate.