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Paige: Placed On Exhibit!

What goes on in the minds of women? With all their talk of empowerment, it seems that they still have a primal need to explore desires and indulge in activities that would not necessarily get them invited any political correctness conventions.

Case in point, sexy Paige, an independent young lady with a self-sufficient attitude, here submitting to the skills of a bondage master who intricately trusses her up so that she can be suspended like a nude female exhibit in a museum of kink.

Keeping her hands raised, she feels the ropes being wound about her torso in a skillfully symmetrical way, under her breasts and around her back, and then around her knees and calves. It’s no simple thing to tie somebody up in an artful manner, and Paige sits patiently with a Zen-like calm while the ropemeister works his skills.

Linking the ropes to an overhead metal ring, he enables Paige to be suspended several inches off the ground and hanging in the air, her scarlet-tressed naked beauty on full display.

The DDF cameras move around to examine this British babe from different angles, reveling in the art gallery of tattoos on her pale pink flesh!

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Paige (aka Ruby Rubber) & Latex Lucy: At the Mercy of Ruby Rubber!

Looks like Latex Lucy has gotten herself into a fix! She’s fallen into the clutches of red-clad Ruby Rubber and she’s trapped in an outdoor cage! “Uh-oh!” as they used to say in the classic old-time bondage comix from the 40s and 50s when a pretty girl got trapped by the clever rope-wielding “villains.”

Ruby looks like she’s not exactly a cream puff. She prods and pokes her captive in the cage, even swaying it to give Lucy sea sickness, or make that cage sickness! She even puts slats in the cage to make it even more claustrophobic and tight for our heroine!

Well, life is never simple for a damsel in distress, as Lucy has learned in her other appearances on House of Taboo. She continues to be cramped in the cage when it’s lowered to the ground and Ruby sits on it. When Ruby finally takes her out of the cage, it’s only to put her in bondage on top of it, tying her wrists and ankles so that Lucy ain’t goin’ nowhere!

“Uh oh!” Ruby smacks Lucy’s well-encased titties and her bare midriff with a kind of paddle, but Lucy takes it like a champ. Then Ruby gets Lucy turned around so that she can spank her on her latex-sheathed booty, over and over. But what’s this–Ruby’s opened the zipper that reveals Lucy’s pussy and asshole!! Ow, that makes the paddle hurt even more when her private parts are exposed to punishment. But wait–what’s Ruby doing now? Is that a big thick vibrator? Uh-oh–it’s going into Lucy’s snatch! And she can’t help but get turned on because, darn it all, she loves being a captive of a commanding character like the mysterious Ruby Rubber!

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Tegan Jane, Paige & Samantha Bentley: Disciplining The Disgraceful [Part 2]

Clumsy maid Samantha Bentley soon learns what comes next from her furious mistresses! Immobilized by a spreader bar at her ankles, Samantha is held down by blonde Lady Tegan Jane Slapwell and receives hot wax treatment on her tender buttocks from the cruel hand of Dame Paige Birchbottom!

The wax leaves an awful mess on her butt, even as Lady Tegan smiles in deliciously evil satisfaction at her underling’s plight. Then Samantha learns the purpose of the sex toys she was bringing in on her tray in Part 1: they are for HER!!

Dame Paige crams one dildo into her mouth, gagging her and getting the drool dripping, even as Lady Tegan stuffs a black dong into her snatch. The correction relentlessly continues with Samantha’s uniform stripped down from her tender titties and vulnerable pussy.

Samantha’s eyes show her dismay as Lady Tegan and Dame Paige pull on her nipples, just before Paige blows smoke into Samantha’s mouth! The poor maid gags, not accustomed to tobacco, and she spits up saliva as her state becomes ever more pitiful. Then it’s time for dildo training in her mouth, as Lady Tegan inserts her black dong into Samantha’s lips to induce even more suffering.

She leans over with the drool sliding out of her mouth as Dame Paige holds her hair tightly in her fist. Then it’s time for Dame Paige to do the oral dildo training, as Samantha’s eyes fill with anxiety as her training ruthlessly continues. Can things get even more intense? Be here for Part 3 to find out!

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Carol & Paige: Spank That Sweet Ass! [Part 1]

When two of DDF’s finest boob babes get together for an evening of fetish fun, you can expect some primo, dick stiffening action!

Ravishing redhead Paige delivers the goodies in this tie me up and spank my sweet ass thriller! Carol is the very willing recipient, and her derriere, as you will see, is perfectly built for the punishing spankings it receives from Paige and her skilled hands!

Paige escorts Carol into her fetish chamber, a dark place with mysterious accents. Her voice so sweet, lovingly luring Carol onto the ropes that will bind her, and telling her that she will enjoy this new venture into fetish very much. Both girls wearing shiny black, skin tight, rubber fetish attire and blowing our minds from beginning to end.

Once Paige has her submissive beauty in position, she peels a sector off of her bum and it reveals the PERFECT sweet ass for spanking. What follows is a back and forth session of booty pops and kisses as Paige makes nice work of that juicy rear end. Her crimson hair making the perfect contrast against the other colors that fill the room. It signifies that she is the dominator, and in full control.

Carol‘s ass cheeks ripple with pleasure as they are continuously tested by Paige‘s skillful strikes. Alas, this is only the beginning of the fun. Join us next week for part 2!

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Paige & Isla: Bound and Partially Dicked!

The United Kingdom has been chock full of playboy bunny material for DDF these days, and today we showcase two of our finest, Paige, and Isla. Both girls love the Taboo lifestyle, and their curves and attitude make all of the sets they are in, extremely memorable.

Enjoy this one with lots of intricate rope play and domination! The sexy red-headed Paige is all dolled up in a black latex mistress outfit putting a rope around Isla‘s neck while she sits in a Victorian style chair.

Isla‘s perfect figure really is a treat for our peeping eyes and wanting minds. Her perky tits and pierced nipple, the long colorful tattoo going from her ankle up along her leg to her hips, and that bitchy 100 yard stare that she uses to fuck us without even touching us, all sum up to some very anxious semen waiting to be released!

Paige gets to work on the roping and has Isla completely subdued. Arms, ankles, even her breasts are in their very own little prison.

Then it’s time to stuff sexy Isla‘s pretty little shaved twat with a glass dildo, and tie it there, right below the tattooed initials of “FMG” Which stands for ” Fuck Me Good! ”

Isla sits there in her red heels, bound with the dildo in her perfect puss, and Paige enjoying the sweet torture. I mean can you imagine, It’s like having your dick dipped into the perfect babe, but you can’t move, complete torture!

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Paige and Sapphire: Mistress Loves Mouse Traps [Part 2]

Last we left Mistress Paige and Sapphire, Paige was having her very little evil ways with her submissive hot-stress and her juicy melons. Mouse traps were hanging off of her nipples and cigarette ashes had been flicked onto her tongue.

Let’s see what else is in store for this buxom blonde beauty in stockings! Straight away Paige has that bitchy look on her face and those gorgeous sweater puppies are out for some serious nipple nuzzling action from Sapphire.

Then suddenly Paige lifts up her skirt and a long, plastic, see-through strap on cock appears from between her legs! It’s Sapphire‘s job to bob up and down on that appendage until Paige has the urge to fuck her very willing slave. She really sucks it good, and then the mistress bends her over a chair and gives her the full length of the clear coated beast. Her tattooed body thrusting in and out of her defenseless quim from behind.

Then it’s some reverse cowgirl action in which we can see both Sapphires tasty morsel and Paige‘s bat wings pushing through a hole in the strap on. Gnarly!

When Paige is done with her sessions, it’s a little more cigarette smoke in the face for Sapphire. Could that be the end?

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Paige & Sapphire: Mistress breaks out the mouse traps

Mistress Paige is just enjoying a leisurely afternoon in her estate with her favorite submissive, Sapphire.

Mistress Paige couldn’t figure out what to do with her gal today, so she ordered up some cigarettes to smoke while she contemplates what kind of dastardly abuse she could wreak onto her blonde, big boobed babe from Great Britain.

After ogling her gorgeous mams that look like they are ready to serve milk, she decides to ash her cigarette out right on her tongue for starters. She then blows a nice puff of smoke right into Sapphires grill and pulls her by the leash.

Right into spanking position she goes and the mistress lets the flogger fly right onto her taut ass cheeks leaving red whelps everywhere.

The sight of Sapphires long, curvaceous legs adorned in black stockings and 6′ platforms is a feast for the eyes! Get your fill of that image though, because the mistress has other plans, such as mouse trap tittie twisting!

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