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Angel Deelight & Paige Delight: Bad Girls Pay The Piper

As Angel Deelight learns, when you’re bad, there’s no escape from the consequences of your actions–especially when you’re under the thumb of Paige Delight, a fierce mistress if there ever was one!

Bad girls must pay the piper! See what the pencil-skirted redheaded dominatrix does to her disobedient slave in this incredible roleplay scene of Full HD BDSM as Mistress Paige disciplines the tattooed blonde, most of whose face is covered by a black latex mask.

Paige uses her riding crop on Angel’s tender bare titties, then both her riding crop and her strong bare hand, spanking and smacking Angel’s full lush butt. Paige gets Angel letting out wide red-lipsticked gasps of surprise and pain; but that’s nothing compared to what Angel will feel as the bottom-warming continues with that crop and something far more sinister and sizzling!

Moral of the scene for rebellious slavegirls? “Let this WARMING be a WARNING.”

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Jasmine Black & Paige Delight: Strange Instrument of Correction

From the moment her cruel mistress Jasmine Black rips off the black duct tape from Paige Delight’s nipples in this Full HD exploration of lesbian bondage, the slave knows she is in for a rough kinky time.

Paige is bound hand and foot for punishment in a red room, spread-eagle on a bed, and Mistress Black shows no mercy, whether she’s biting Paige’s nips, face-sitting Paige, or whipping her pussy with a crop.

Paige also has to surrender to Jasmine’s tongue as the domme severely savors her sub’s snatch. Next Paige is put on her knees for spanking with Jasmine’s bare hand.

The agony from the spanking is barely over when Jasmine then introduces a long silver anal hook into the scene…a gadget which teaches Paige that to disobey her goddess means that her body will be plundered with strange and perhaps even painful instruments of correction!

See everything that happens to Paige in this fetish XXX video full of BDSM.

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Paige Delight: Indulge Your Dreams!

There are so many possible situations that come to mind when a striking redhead wears a black corset, miniskirt, and heels! And a thorough cameraman can show you them ALL, as our lensman does with Paige Delight when she stands in a white tiled room in her kinky wear.

First she whips herself; then she crawls on the floor; then she sticks her ass up in the air in case you want her doggie style; then she takes her corset off and sucks and tit-fucks the whip handle; then she removes her thong, stretches out on the floor, and rubs the whip against her shaved pussy.

All the time, of course, you can see the wild tattoos all over her torso. Let your fantasies go wild–Miss Delight is shown many different aspects here, to indulge all your dreams!

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Paige Delight: The Punishment Program!

What’s your opinion about young ladies who don’t do what they are told? Don’t you think they need some stern instruction in how to be better behaved as females? If you’re a member of House of Taboo, you probably have some strong ideas about how discipline should be meted out to those who deserve it, and you’ll be delighted indeed to see just about every punishment you could imagine being administered to busty submissive Paige Delight in this new scene of BDSM in Full HD.

Paige’s demanding and firm Master D takes her step-by-step through a series of trials that show her that any naughtiness will not be tolerated and will be met with instant correction! Manacled in the punishment box, she is whipped by Master D, who wears an ominous animal-like mask; then she has her bottom warmed by an authentic House of Taboo paddle. Next her bra is removed and her 38F breasts are whipped, squeezed, and placed into a foreboding metal vise to which her pierced nipples are clamped. She grimaces in agony!

Then she’s laid down on her back and spanked fiercely with yet another paddle. Her pussy is fingered and a dildo crammed inside as well, as the extreme sex continues. But more is coming for this bad, bad girl…she is hung upside down by her ankles in the punishment box, and gets the most intense spanking of all, one which leaves her bottom almost as red as her hair! Then it’s time to be fucked…but not by Master D, who is still disciplining her–but by the infamous DDF Fucking Machine, which hangs above her on the top of the punishment box!

Into her pussy thrusts downward the relentless dildo as Master D continues to paddle those cheeks. Has Paige learned her lesson? It certainly looks like she’ll be a good little submissive…at least until the naughty demons inside her cause her to misbehave once again, and call forth the punishing program of Master D!

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