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Misha Cross,Kayla Green: Sadistic Lady Doctor Binds and Spanks Female Patient [Part 2]

The erotic punishment continues in Part 2 of this kinky roleplay thriller starring Kayla Green from Hungary as the cruel dominant doctor and Misha Cross from Poland as the all-too-trusting college girl teen who falls into the doc’s clutches at the DDF clinic and finds herself a submissive lesbian sex object at the mercy of the whims of the fishnet-clad physician!

Now that the doctor is stripped to her stockings, sinful scarlet thong, and high heels, she has Misha bound thighs and wrists and ankles to the exam table by straps, there to lubricate an anal vibrator with her mouth to ease its way into her vulnerable asshole under the guidance of Dr. Kayla, whose hands look ruthless with their dark polished claw-like fingernails as they insert the toy.

The lustful doctor gets Misha laying across the table, where the tattooed cutie’s curvy ass receives continued treatment from the vibrator, which Kayla has on remote control. Then Kayla substitutes a regular black bullet style sex toy into Misha’s butthole, which sticks out like a tail as the submissive sweetie must then give her doctor pussy licking to orgasm in the climax of this Full HD fetish XXX video brimming with lesbian bondage!

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DDF Updates: Sadistic Lady Doctor Binds and Spanks Female Patient, Part 2


Kayla Green,Misha Cross: Sadistic Lady Doctor Binds and Spanks Female Patient [Part 1]

In this hardcore XXX video of extreme sex and lesbian bondage, Misha Cross goes to DDF Genital Hospital for what she thinks is a routine checkup, but it turns out to be anything but!

The Polish teen brunette finds herself at the mercy of sadistic doctor Kayla Green, as the Hungarian blonde hair medico first uses the rubber tubing of her stethoscope to subdue and bind Misha’s wrists, and then uses the exam table straps to further restrain the unsuspecting girl who lays exposed with her mini-skirt over her thighs so that her panties are revealed to the lusting gaze of the perverted physician!

Off come Misha’s sneakers so that her ankles can be bound. Doctor Kayla uses her fierce red-manicured hand to give this girl a good cheek-reddening spanking, then she gets her “patient” out of her top and mini-skirt and just down to her underwear, stretching Misha on her tummy so she can pull up her maroon-colored panties into a wedgie, then pulling off Misha’s bra so that she can use that garment as a gag on the girl’s protesting lips!

Finally getting Misha nude, Kayla stuffs the girl’s panties into her mouth, and forces some titty sucking while she plays with her helpless victim’s shaved pussy slit. After all this spanking, slapping, and fingering of the tattooed young girl, who knows what degradations will follow in Part 2??

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DDF Updates: Sadistic Lady Doctor Binds and Spanks Female Patient, Part 1


Misha Cross & Nick Lang: Stern Connection

In today’s roleplay, Misha Cross angers her doctor employer, Nick Lang, when upon his return from a business trip he discovers that she has not kept his clinic in good shape. In fact, it is a terrible mess, a disgrace to the medical profession!

The remedy is obvious: discipline! And Dr. Lang applies the punishment quickly, binding her wrists so that he can spank and flog her butt with no resistance.

Cramming his cock in her mouth in this Full HD BDSM epic, he gets his inches wet so that he can more readily plow her shaved pussy in this program of extreme sex that quickly shifts to anal penetration as well.

Kneeling on the cold clinic floor, her wrists still tied with leather straps, her anus gaping from Dr. Lang’s relentless butt-fuck, Misha gets the final lesson: a load of gizzum into her asshole, which leaks downward into her snatch too.

Then the stern doctor leaves her naked on the floor to contemplate her errors of judgment, and how in the future she will avoid such mistakes–unless she wants another serving of such stern correction, such sexual chastisement!

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DDF Updates: Stern Connection


Mugur & Misha Cross: Master’s Choice

Imagine yourself walking through a hotel corridor, and you come across a sign taped on a door that reads: “COME IN AND DO WITH ME WHATEVER U WANT. XXX” What would you do in this game of “Master’s Choice”?

In today’s roleplay, Mugur answers the temptation and finds himself in a room with newcomer Misha Cross, who earlier got herself in the mood for mayhem by pleasuring her pussy solo with a throbbing magic wand vibrator, then blindfolding and handcuffing herself to the headboard of the bed.

Mugur quickly gets into the spirit of Misha’s invitation by licking her pussy, spanking her hard with hand and paddle until he leaves her cheeks very red, and then cramming her shaved pussy with a black vibrator while feeding his cock and balls to her face.

See how he totally rules the mouth, pussy, and asshole of this chained-up chick in a fetish XXX video packed with Full HD BDSM!

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