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Mira Sunset & Charlyse Bella: Obey Your Owner

Tall and commanding in her domme duds, Mistress Mira Sunset oversees her little barefoot human doggie Charlyse Bella, whose pretty face is muzzled in a cage-like metal mask and whose bottom is stuffed with a red dildo plug with a long horse-like tail.

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DDF Updates: Obey Your Owner


Sophie Lynx & Mugur & Mira Sunset : Watching Slaves Perform

Mugur is chained to the wall, a slave to Mira Sunset. Then Mistress Mira brings in another slave, Sophie Lynx, and puts her on her knees to suck Mugur’s cock–sort of; actually she sucks it through a plastic sheath.

Then she sucks it for real, the balls too. This is just the beginning of a bizarre journey into domination for Mugur and Sophie, as Mira calls the shots and supervises her slaves’ various positions for fucking while in cuffs and chains.

Mira guides Sophie’s tongue to Mugur’s butthole. Blindfolded, Mugur is compelled by Mira to lick Sophie’s feet and her pussy, and to fuck the Lynx ass.

Sophie gets a toy in her butt, too, and she sits on Mugur’s face for awhile. It ends with Mugur chained to the wall and getting his cock jacked off into Sophie’s mouth in this fetish XXX video packed with whipping, femdom, and Full HD BDSM!

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Demetris & Mira Sunset: Nurse’s Radical Methods!

Always be wary of medical clinics with shadowy lighting. And nurses who wear strappy high heels while on duty. Case in point, the dark establishment where Demetris has gone to be treated by nurse Mira Sunset, who stands high on her spikes and practically glows in her pink latex uniform.

Medicine has radically changed in recent years, it seems. Now healing is apparently accomplished by licking the patient’s ear, dropping spit into her mouth, feeling her naked breasts as she sits quietly in a chair, and then parting her pussy in preparation for penetration by a lifelike rubber cock. As the patient, Demetris is expected to provide her own lubrication for the dildo, by having it moistened with her own saliva as Nurse Mira slides it into her mouth…then Mira, following the principles of what must be the most obscure therapeutic research in recorded history, straps on the dildo, angles it toward Demetris for fellatio, and then adjusts the patient into the proper position for anal insertion.

Obviously, doggie style dildo insertion is also recommended in the medical volumes somewhere, someplace, and the final recommendation is that such insertion be followed by more fellatio of the phallus, courtesy of the patient. We have a feeling, however, that these procedures may not be covered by everyone’s insurance plans.

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Mira Sunset: Psycho Medical Mayhem [Part 3]

Continuing to treat the unstable patient Mira Sunset with his bizarre therapies, Dr. David Perry keeps her in the straitjacket even as he administers vaginal penetration while her caring boyfriend Totti, who is assisting the doctor, feeds Mira his own meat. Note how lovingly Totti holds aside Mira’s long tresses, so that they don’t get in her mouth as she receives her oral “injection.”

Changing their places, because Dr. Perry believes the variety will stimulate her vagina and thus promote emotional growth, Totti shifts his prick to her pussy while Mira sucks the eminent physician. She just wants to be well enough so she doesn’t have to wear a straitjacket anymore! Placed on top of Dr. Perry, she rides his penis even as he instructs her not to look into his charismatic eyes because that could be too unsettling to her fragile psychological state. Totti does her anus at the same time, because Dr. Perry believes the simultaneous dose of their dicks will cause a mental chain reaction that could only stimulate a breakthrough. Indeed, his hunch appears to be correct, as the healer allows the straitjacket to come off so that Mira can ride Dr. Perry’s pork while Totti fills her vaginal tunnel.

Things seem to be progressing; in fact, the elasticity of her rectum after penetration, known colloquially as the “glorious gape,” shows that her body is recovering from the effects of her mental travails. However, Dr. Perry does not believe it’s quite the time for her to go back into the world. There is still something listless in her gaze. Once she’s bound, naked, to the wheelchair, he puts the final phase of his treatment into motion: a double blast of sperm into her mouth and face from both himself and Totti. Afterward, as he makes notes on his laptop, Mira seems to be responding in a new and more healthful way. Is her psyche coming back into awareness of the real world? It looks like it!

Another triumph for the unorthodox methods of Dr. David Perry.

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Mira Sunset: Psycho-Medical Mayhem [Part 1]

Enter the strange world of medical erotic fantasy as enacted by Mira Sunset, David Perry, and Totti! “What did I do to deserve this?” thinks Mira as she’s wheeled into the examining room by her boyfriend Totti. “Oh that’s right…I went berserk in our apartment…I threatened the neighbors…I threatened Totti…”

The only way she’s not going to get into serious legal trouble is if she undergoes a rigorous examination to discover the causes of her frequent hysterical outbursts and bizarre mental blackouts. Her behavior has been so extreme she’s kept in straitjackets and tied down, but now she is here with Totti to help her through an extensive physical probing and pubic analysis under the hands of Dr. David Perry, who believes it’s important for a loved one to be alongside the suffering patient in order to give her hope!

So it is Totti who gives Mira the sedative pill, and who releases her from her bonds in the wheelchair. Still clad in her straitjacket, Mira is examined by Dr. Perry while Totti stands compassionately nearby. Her reflexes seem okay. Now let’s check her pussy, she hears Dr. Perry saying…first there is the coolness of his stethoscope on her mound, and then the tugging fingers make room for the speculum…now perhaps we will find the source of her problems, she hears Dr. Perry intoning…or is she dreaming this??

Her vagina is spread open with the speculum, and she feels the huge rectal thermometer probing her butt…oh she wants to get well soon, so she supposes this is how they’ll get to the bottom of her problems…thank heaven it’s Totti who’s probing her asshole, he knows it well…but now it’s Dr. Perry’s turn. “He’s tugging apart my anus!!” she silently gasps in her brain. What’s coming next? Oh thank goodness she has the loving touch of Totti’s lips near, to comfort her as she goes through these bizarre medical trials…be here next week to find out what happens!

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Mira Sunset: Trained by a Machine!

Ohmigosh, I’ve gotten myself into a real fix this time, Mira Sunset thought. When she agreed to try a little “kink” with the guy she met at that swanky party, little did she know what she was in for!

“Come into my special training chamber,” he said when they got back to his amazing apartment. He put on a dark mask but still remained in the same suit he wore at the party. “You’ll love this,” he said, once Mira was nude.

Chaining her to the platform, he wheeled in a strange Fucking Machine and told Mira she’d have to “bone up” on her oral skills before he allowed her to blow his magnificent dick, fellatio which wouldn’t be any time soon since he was selective in the women he allowed to taste his tool.

Soon she was receiving the relentless thrusts of the black dildo while he controlled the movements with a handset. Saliva drooling from her lips, Mira hoped she was exhibiting head skills that would one day please him…but next he wanted to get her pussy ready.

Putting on a ball gag so she wouldn’t talk back to him, he sat down on the couch after arranging the Fucking Machine to do Mira’s pussy in the doggie style position. Mira felt so nude being banged by…by this mysterious device!

Her new master stood over her with the controls, emotionless under his mask, telling her she would be properly broken in first or she’d never get the pleasure of his actual dick and balls. Turning her over, he had the robotic raunch device fuck Mira in the missionary position, and then for a final test, in her asshole as well. Her hands and feet strained at her bonds, but it was only because it turned her on to pretend to struggle.

She liked this kinky game…liked being treated this way…oh yes!!

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Mira Sunset: Dominated by the Balls! [Part 3]

We’re back for the final FemDom actions from Mira Sunset as she adds the last bits of humiliations to her trusty slave Totti after riding his dick to the ground!

Blindfolded, spread eagle and worn out, Totti lays with red ropes around his wrists, ankles, and cock as Mira squats over his pork and beans and takes a hot piss! Afterwards she pulls out her prod and checks for signs of life coming from his penis. She wants to make sure that things his been drained for good! Yeah, it’s done, and she’s damn proud of it.

She parades over to her little throne, takes a seat, and spreads one last time for the cameras showing us her her gaping holes. Mira Sunset, FemDom fatale! Who will be her next victim?

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Mira Sunset: Dominated by the Balls! [Part 2]

Welcome to the sequel of “Dominated by the Balls” starring Mira Sunset and Totti. If you were here last week you’ll remember the sweet torture Mira put her man-slave through.

From spanking to tying his balls up in a noose, she really ran the gamut on him. This time we open up with Totti laying spread out on the ground blindfolded, and the beautiful Mira Sunset parading around him calculating her next move.

As luck would have it for Totti, Mira seems to be in the mood for love much more so then the mood for discipline.

She sucks his cock and then pops her cherry ass right onto his tongue, commanding him to lick it.Her gorgeous fishnet clad body like a piece of art bouncing up and down on his face.

When Mira’s had her tasty hole reamed out well and good, she pops on his pogo stick and rides it to her hearts content. Then its 69 city before jumping on again for multiple angles of anal penetration till she cums hard in her high heels. She then sucks Totti’s pipe clean and hovers over him.

Seems like that was a treat for her slave, but part 3 is yet to come!

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Mira Sunset: Dominated by the Balls!

Today on the House of Taboo we have a role reversal! It’s usually the guys dominating the women, or the women dominating the women, but today the sultry dominatrix Mira Sunset is about to give Totti something hardcore to think about!

Looking ravishing in her full body fishnet stocking with cut-out crotch area and platform pumps, the tall sleek blue eyed honey gets ready to inflict some pain to her male companion.

First she massages her sleek bald beaver with the tip of her flogger. That pussy of hers looks like a mighty good midnight snack! As the camera pans out we see that Totti is hog-tied to a metal stool with a ball gag in his mouth.

Mira works her way around him with her flogger and peppers up his ass while pulling on his dog collar. Then she pulls out the gag and has her slave worship her shiny high heels, urging him to lick. She’s just warming up his tongue for the flicking of her pussy and asshole that follow. He munches down vigorously on the gourmet treat while Mira enjoys flogging him.

Totti seems to want to mouth off though, and is ungrateful for the dessert he was just served, calling Mira a fucking bitch.

Bad choice! Ball gag goes back in his mouth, and he gets his meat and potatoes tied in a noose while Mira smacks his nuts up! But wait! Then she treats him to a bunghole tongue lashing! Dirty little girl.

After a few more spanks she strokes and sucks his flaccid dick while pulling on the rope it’s attached to. When she’s had her fill, she leaves, with the promise that she will be back. Stay tuned for part 2!

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