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Mira Cuckold: The Fate That Awaits

Mira Cuckold is your slave today, her wrists and ankles chained firmly in place so that she may consider in solitude the vast variety of her offenses which have landed her in this position.

Secured to the wall and floor, wearing only a bust-bearing corset and strappy red heels, she has much time to ponder her sins.

Of course, since she will be here for some hours, it may be necessary for her to relieve herself of all the fluids you cleverly had her imbibe before her period of bondage; but you are showing her a consideration she did not show you as a rebellious slave, and you have placed underneath her naked crotch a bidet wherein she can relieve herself of the pee-pee that will naturally build up.

Watch her leak and spray in front of you, losing control of her shaved pussy with no dignity. Thus shall this defiant female be shown, in this fetish XXX video full of pissing and Full HD BDSM, the humiliating fate that awaits those who do not obey!

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DDF Updates: The Fate That Awaits


Hank Rack & Mike Angelo & Mira Cuckold: Underneath his Queen

Enter the scarlet world of one of the most edgy fantasies in the human mind…where one man willingly puts himself in the subservient position as his stern mistress has sex with her lover right there in front of him.

We’re talking about the cuckold fantasy, and the daring team of DDF photographers brings it to life as Hank Rack, who has “Cum Eating Cuckold” tattooed across his torso, finds himself a plaything to the whims of his princess Mira Cuckold (whose name leaves no question about her intentions).

Watch Mira put him in a metal chastity device, silence him with a ball gag, slap his face and give his ass a spanking, among various exercises of her cruelty.

Then her alpha male stud Mike Angelo arrives. She bends over to suck him, then rides him cowgirl in her asshole, while her cuckold Hank laps at her pussy, bungie, and high heeled boots, leading to a climax where he lays underneath Mira and Mike as she takes tool in her tush once again.

Mike’s load spurts out on Mira’s crack only millimeters from Hank’s cuckold tongue. Explore the extreme sex in this fetish XXX video today!

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DDF Updates: Underneath his Queen


Mira Cuckold & Anita Berlusconi & Marcus Gomez: Don’t Resist The Mistress

Mira Cuckold is a new face on our site, and she plays the dominatrix in charge of Marcus Gomez and Anita Berlusconi.

Marcus is chained naked to a wall with a bag over his head (though it’s soon removed), and Anita is in a cage, and basically Mistress Mira manipulates them to appease her kinky sense of sadistic spectacle in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

Although Mira sucks Marcus briefly herself, she soon takes Anita out of her cage and turns that task over to the slavegirl. When Anita seems to resist worshipping Miss Mira’s boots, the mistress bends her over over the cage and spanks her ass hard–and the DDF cameras catch the jiggling flesh of the Berlusconi bottom.

Then Mira dominates Marcus by walking him on all fours, riding on his back, and then having him fuck Anita’s behind while Mira sits on the submissive girl’s face. Marcus might be Mira’s slave, but he gets the pleasure of squirting a load on Anita’s pussy and asshole, before being convinced to kneel and lick Mira’s pussy after Anita is returned to her confinement.

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