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Marica Hase & Samantha Bentley & Latex Lucy: Naked and Invaded

Latex Lucy (in the red mask) and Samantha Bentley (the black mask) decide to have fun with their mostly naked slave Marica Hase.

Marica wears a mask, too. The latex-sheathed ladies lead their subbie outdoors by her leash, then get her kneeling so she can lick Mistress Bentley’s snatch through a slit in her gold bodysuit.

Then Lucy smacks Marica with a riding crop on her fetching fanny, warming it up for the real exploration to come: the fingering and then the fisting of Miss Hase’s taut asshole.

Then the two dominatrixes lean over their slave and kiss each other as Marica stands in the middle, her ass still tingling from the completed invasion of her rectum in this intense example of Full HD BDSM presented for demanding aficionados of extreme sex!

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Choky Ice & Marica Hase: Lessons to Remember

Choky Ice settles in for a pleasant time at home, polishing some of the prize items in his collection of antique silver.

Then his attention is drawn to the cupboard, behind the curtain of which sits curled up his naked Japanese slave, Marica Hase.

He tugs her out by her leash and chastises her verbally and with a spanking for interrupting the serene flow of his thoughts in what should have been most peaceful hours of his day.

We see Marica’s cheeks going SPLAT under his hand, and then when he gives her a task to do and trips her, Mr. Ice has yet another excuse to discipline the poor naked slavegirl.

Over his lap she goes for more painful spanking, with Marica’s face contorted in agony. But Choky is only getting started, as he follows the spanking with anal penetration with a whip while she gives him a blowjob in this intense fetish XXX video, leading to ass fucking while she kneels in her handcuffs and ankle cuffs on a table.

But see all the punishment, degradation, and humiliation of Marica for yourself in this dark masterpiece of extreme sex, kinky roleplaying, Full HD BDSM, climaxed by a bridle in Marica’s mouth and a load of Choky’s cum to lubricate it.

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Zor & Marica Hase: What Comes Next?

Marica Hase, that lovely model from Japan, is today subjected to rope bondage in this Full HD video.

The setting is outdoors and secluded, illuminated only by some light from the side, as Marica waits naked for the bondage master Zor to take her into his hands and weave his intricate designs of rope around her 38C-23-35 form.

She is passive throughout as the serious-looking Zor wraps the bonds tightly and artfully across her body, her arms secured behind her back.

With ropes on her legs as well, he then suspends her in mid-air from a frame, where she hangs a few feet off the ground until he then settles her down, still fully bound, on her knees on the grass.

What would you like to do with Marica if she were willingly and submissively tied up in front of you for BDSM roleplaying…what would come next? Let your imagination be your guide.

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Marica Hase: Irresponsible Girl’s Wet Lesson!

A young lady sometimes must be educated in responsibility, to learn that if she does not follow the instructions that she is given by those who know best for her, she will face consequences.

Case in point, Marica Hase, that delicate Japanese beauty, who disobeyed her unseen master and now must wait naked, gagged, and with her slender wrists and ankles securely tied with rope to a massage table.

It’s been hours since she was left alone in this room, and all the tea she had for lunch is catching up with her. And thus, her first lesson in responsibility: if she does not act mature, she will not get the opportunities of the mature, one of which is the use of a toilet when she has to pee.

And so as the DDF cameras come in close, she feels the trickle of her golden liquid begin to slide down the edges of her upper thighs, and then the gushing becomes full and uncontrollable, wetting the table cushion underneath her butt. She feels so ashamed that it has come to this, peeing all over herself, but she can’t help it and she can’t even cry out because of the ball gag in her pretty mouth…

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