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Lucy Heart,Nesty: Russian Latex Femdom Babe Takes Charge of Submissive Stud

With his catsuit-clad Hungarian gal pal Nesty at his side, a masked Mugur performs a bizarre ritual that conjures up tall blonde dominatrix Lucy Heart in this new Full HD hardcore XXX anal sex and blowjob taboo video inspired by a member’s request.

At first the blue-eyed Russian goddess appears handcuffed, but then suddenly she’s free to dominate and seduce Mugur. In her black latex corset, stockings, and ultra high heels, she quickly takes charge and gets exactly what she wants from Mugur: French kissing, pussy eating, ass licking, until she decides she wants to give him some cock sucking and ball licking, all while Nesty closely observes without actually participating.

It turns out that Mistress Lucy has a jeweled butt plug inserted in her, and when she feels the time is right she has Mugur take it out so he can fuck her curvy ass, after which she sucks his dick again, spreading her pussy gape at the same time. She rides him cowgirl style too, this time in her pussy as well as her butt, before she leads him over to the chains and cuffs she first appeared in. Shackling Mugur, she then kneels to blow him to a big facial cum shot, and leaves him hanging there while she plans some more mayhem!

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DDF Updates: Russian Latex Femdom Babe Takes Charge of Submissive Stud


Lucy Heart & Dorothy Black: Stimulating Activity

Mistress Dorothy Black gets fierce with her naughty sub Lucy Heart. Sometimes you just have to give these young ladies discipline to keep them in line! You’ll see what we mean in this Full HD BDSM thriller.

Lucy is bound and spread on a rack, so that her domme can use a riding crop to play with the slit and mound of her shaved pussy. Then Lucy is turned around to receive a relentless spanking. Mistress Dorothy grasps Lucy’s hair in her fist while she smacks the blonde’s butt with a gloved hand.

See the slavegirl’s cheeks quiver with each blow of that relentless palm in this fetish XXX video! Nothing like a little lesbian bondage to put a defiant slave in her place…

At the end, Mistress Dorothy also sits on her slavegirl’s face, getting pleasure for her hungry snatch after all the stimulation of that sadistic punishment activity!

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DDF Updates: Stimulating Activity


Lucy Heart & Cindy Hope aka Klaudia: Somebody to Boss Around

Mistress Cindy Hope keeps her naked subbie Lucy Heart in the refrigerator; but don’t try this at home, it’s dangerous: always remember that our roleplays are only make-believe.

Anyway, Cindy is clearly not satisfied masturbating herself while wearing her dominatrix outfit and stiletto boots, she needs somebody to boss around; so she fetches her slavegirl to use as a plaything in this scene of lesbian bondage.

Mistress Cindy makes Lucy lick her pussy and then she spanks her over-the-knee. Then she flogs her bottom, to warm Lucy up for the ultimate service: getting fucked in the ass by Cindy’s strap-on, a lifelike dildo which Lucy herself gets to prepare for her own bottom by sucking.

Cindy shows herself to be a fierce domme indeed in this Full HD BDSM epic, finally getting off when she has her slave once again lap at her clam.

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DDF Updates: Somebody to Boss Around


Lucy Heart: She Can’t Hold Back

In today’s bizarre roleplay scenario, Lucy Heart is a prisoner…we leave it to your own imagination to guess what put her in this situation.

There is a harsh spotlight on this blonde beauty as she sits immobilized in a wood-paneled room that has a dirt floor. Lucy is nude and bound with straps in the corner, sitting on a seat that elevates her bare feet several inches from the floor.

Her mascara has long ago poured down her face in streaks of distress. And now it’s time for her to perform a function that is usually done in private in a small room with special plumbing.

Yes, she has to take a pee and her masters are clearly watching for it now…she can’t hold back, and soon the pissing flows, staining the ground below her, in this Full HD BDSM video.

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Mugur & Lucy Heart: Helpless Plaything

One thing you can count on with House of Taboo: our scenes will continue to get darker and full of more extreme sex as we continue to explore in our fetish XXX videos all the twists and turns on the farthest regions of kinky arousal.

Case in point is today’s roleplay starring Lucy Heart as the plaything for a heartless master portrayed by Mugur. Chained to a wall in a sterile, white-tiled room while Mugur supervises, Lucy sits in a bottomless chair and has her face penetrated by the mindless black dildo of the notorious DDF Fucking Machine.

Mugur pulls apart her mouth so the dildo can go even deeper. Then he holds her nose as he stuffs his naked cock into her lips, before getting underneath her chair to fuck her vagina, which is completely at his mercy.

Taking a cigarette break, he then uses the girl herself as his chair, sitting on her back; then he gets her kneeling before him and sucking his meat as the Fucking Machine bangs her butt from behind.

But there’s so much more action in this lustful spectacle of Full HD BDSM, so don’t delay–witness it all for yourself right up to its final, startling images of Lucy’s simultaneous service to dildo and dick.

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