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Leyla Black: The Female Object

To be used as a sexual plaything by a firm master or mistress is a fantasy for many people–women and men alike. Today’s roleplay spotlights Leyla Black as the completely submissive female object for the kinky lusts of her master, embodied by Choky Ice.

From the moment this scene of extreme sex opens, you know it’s going to be outrageous as Leyla, except for beige thigh high stockings, lays nude and completely bound on a table and underneath a plastic sheet that covers her from head to toe.

The bizarre activity starts when Choky makes a hole in the plastic right over her mouth so he can spit in her lips and play with her tongue with his fingers, before moving his digits down and grasping her vagina through the plastic sheet.

Next he tears more holes in the plastic so he can finger her snatch and fuck her face as this Full HD fetish XXX video of hardcore BDSM moves up notch by notch into even more intense territory as Leyla is turned onto her stomach for fucking while still restrained. See for yourself how her mouth, shaved pussy, and subservient asshole are used until Master Choky blows his load all over her crotch.

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Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 4]

Well, Mugur’s certainly put Leyla Black through her paces in this epic roleplay excursion into the bizarre.

First she was dressed like a mummy in gauze, and prodded and probed and spanked. Then, after taking off some of her bandages, Mugur really got into probing her in a most intense, extreme way.

After that, with the gauze removed, he attended to fulfilling all his fantasies about the use of her mouth and asshole. And now…for the final proof of his total dominance over Leyla Black, he uses her in the ultimate way of the submissive: as she squats on the discarded gauze bandages in the blackness of the dungeon, Mugur sprays her face, tongue, tits, and torso with seemingly endless blasts of his pee. Leyla looks at the camera with a wide variety of looks.

She has been totally put in her place by this kinkazoid male. What is going through her head? Study her pictures closely and decide for yourselves! With her body gleaming from his urine, she alternately looks as if she’s broodingly serious, then happy and carefree. Many are the moods of the slave, as portrayed here by Leyla Black in a performance of total submission to the demands of the relentless cock wielded by Mugur!

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Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 3]

The mummy-style bandages have come off, the gauze is gone, and now Leyla Black is naked and chained and still at the mercy of Mugur in this ultra-kinky roleplay scenario of master and sex slave.

Leyla strains at her bonds and looks at us as if asking us to rescue her…but then Mugur comes back, his buff body and rigid cock obscene in its ripped dominant power over the restrained young lady.

Her eyes widen at his monster meat approaching her face…her mouth gapes…and then her face is filled with his evil inches! She sucks well, knowing on which side her bread is buttered in the dark world of his dungeon…with a demonic grin, holding her head, he crams his meat deep inside her mouth.

Yet she does not flinch…when he retreats for a moment or two to let his organ breathe the open air, her pierced tongue seems to waggle as if wanting more of her decadent treat…Mugur leans her back in the red barber chair where he has performed so many of his treatments upon her previously…and fucks her face some more, holding her honey-colored tresses roughly.

He makes sure she licks his balls attentively, illuminated only by the bleak overhead light…then…it’s time to prepare her crotch for the ultimate invasion. He licks her pussy…gets it wet…but then stuffs his shaft inside her asshole instead! Holding her in place, he fucks her butt relentlessly…until he takes a break to soothe it with his saliva, which drips down along the slit of her cunny…and then it’s back to butt-banging, until after much plowing he blows a massive and dirty load all over her anus and cheeks!

And then she cleans up her master’s cock with her mouth afterward. But the final challenge awaits Leyla in the conclusion of The Mummy’s Cunny, next week…

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Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 2]

Today’s installment of this ultra-bizarre roleplay scenario continues with Leyla Black, in the role of the bandage-covered submissive, once again at the mercy of the shadowy character enacted by Mugur.

He decides to pulls aside the facial bandages and inspect his companion, and does so in a harsh way, tugging on her pierced tongue and spreading her lips wide and licking her mouth. He takes her nipples out from underneath the gauze and tweaks and squeezes them fiercely as Leyla gasps and grits her teeth.

Next, taking down the mummy-like bandages from her legs, Mugur indulges in some toe-biting and sucking, before moving up to her spread pussy and examining it closely. Leyla is defiant and Mugur gives her a few smacks to let her know who is in charge; then he gets back to the inspection of her slit, thrusting his medical-gloved fingers into her quim. In fact, he thrusts a lot of fingers into the mummy’s cunny…and she even seems to encourage him with her free left hand, tasting her juices as well.

Mugur goes down on her snatch and then crams her with his fingers some more. Then he leans her over the red barber chair on her stomach, and even more intensely plumbs her depths with his probing digits of depravity. Her pussy looks incredibly pink and moist after his ruthless invasion; then, as this week’s installment comes to a close, he seems to consider the purposes of her asshole…so return here next week to see what develops in Part 3…

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Leyla Black

Leyla Black can also be seen in the following sets:

Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 1]

Here is yet another startling example of how House of Taboo regularly pushes the envelope of kinky erotica. Usually a mummy is a monster or villain in a horror movie, but in today’s bizarre roleplay scenario, the “mummy” played by Leyla Black is not a resuscitated denizen of ancient Egypt, but a girl in the hands of a dominant master played by Mugur.

She’s wrapped in bandages from head to toe, with just a little breathing hole for her nose. Bringing her into a black room, he chains her by her neck to what looks like a barber chair, then pulls up her thoroughly wrapped feet to reveal that it’s not just her nose which was left uncovered for access to air, but her pussy for penetration purposes.

As the DDF cameras come in with clinical closeness, we see Mugur fingering the mummy’s cunny. Adjusting the chains so that her legs are lifted up and connected to her neck, giving him easy and ready access to her crotch, Mugur then spanks Leyla over and over on her exposed upper thighs. Then, shifting her on the chair so that she is in the doggie style position, he then pulls apart her cheeks as if to inspect her asshole, and then spanks her even more fiercely on her bottom.

What is going through the mummy’s mind? It’s hard to tell since her eyes are covered by the bandages. Finally Mugur shifts the chair so that the mummy is almost upside down, and he spanks her even more as her mouth, finally peeking through the gauze, widens in a groan. What will happen to her next? You’ll find out in Part 2…

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Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 3]

David Perry runs a massage emporium, and in the previous installments of this sizzling series he discovers that his new masseuse Leyla Black has serious sexual hangups, leading to on-the-job sloth and goofing off.

David recognizes the need to apply discipline, and having spanked and penetrated his inhibited employee in the previous portions of her emotionally and sexually therapeutic program, he now is going to acquaint her more fully with the potentialities of cock, which she has never quite understood. With the double dong still in her asshole, he shows her the remarkable elasticity of her mouth, which she learns can accommodate a number of fingers; and if she can take fingers, she can surely take his large dick. As he tweaks her nipples, he gets her to understand that it is no shame for a woman to beg for a man’s meat, to need it even more furiously when it is temporarily withdrawn. He sees definite improvement in her psyche as her tongue laps at the air when he moves his shaft away briefly.

Fucking her in her box next, he keeps a firm grip on Leyla, then stands her up to continue banging her butt from behind. Watching her suck the double dong, he sees her loosening up amazingly well. His shaft plunges relentlessly in her quim, and then he stuffs his thumb into her anus, which is already craving penetration after the departure of the double dong. With her wrists and ankles still bound, he gets her on the massage table in doggie style and plugs her fanny. With each thrust of his profoundly hard prick, more and more of her erotic hang-ups are released! She knows now she can be totally free with her body and it’s okay!

Her mouth craves his meat again and he fills her face with his fingers to tide her over until he can take his dick out of her ass and put it back in her face. Finally he stands over her. Into her mouth goes his meat! Yes, this is the freedom she has yearned for, to do absolutely everything she has dreamed about, masturbated about, and read about in the dirty books so openly popular now with modern women! “Use me use me use me!” her eyes silently implore as her mouth is filled with his inches, and then he finally and lovingly coats her cheek with his spunk. And thus has a session of Stern Employee Discipline let loose the invisible restraints that have held back Leyla from fulfilling her destiny as a skilled masseuse!

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Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 2]

David Perry has ascertained what he believes might be at the bottom of Leyla Black’s laziness as an employee of his massage establishment. She is in the ironic position of being a masseuse who is starved for sex! And the reason for that is her many well-hidden hangups about the way she wants to be treated erotically.

She has shame about sex, which she tried to combat by becoming a masseuse and working with other people’s bodies…but in fact, she needs to accept her own sensuality! That’s why she’s ready to submit to David’s complex treatment. He puts her down on the table and binds her wrists and ankles. This feeling of restraint frees her from the embarrassment she has always felt about surrendering to her natural libidinous impulses! Controlled by her masterful employer, she feels deep thrills as he explores her pussy and ass. His thumb plunges into her posterior, leading to a wonderful, shame-based ecstasy! After all, if she has the shame, David theorizes, she might as well use it for an aphrodisiac to bring on orgasms! Then it’s time for a double dong. He needs to help release the demons of her shame by showing her it’s okay to be sexual!

She can’t hide behind the pretense of being a masseuse anymore but inside feeling like a nervous novice in the arts of desire!! Yes, this is the best type of discipline…the type that cleanses a soul and makes it ready to accept new challenges in life! David feeds her his prick…restrained on the table, her anus filled by the dong, and her mouth crammed with his cock, she reaches new heights of freedom! Soon she is ready to be taken out of her bonds. He applies the double dong therapy to her pussy and ass some more. And then it’s time for saliva discipline! She must learn not to be afraid of the spit of a dominant lover!

“Open your lips and accept the juices of my mouth!” David says, knowing he is bringing her to new levels of self-acceptance and, hopefully, better performance as a masseuse in his emporium! Be here next week to see what she learns in Part 3!

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Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 1]

When it comes to his very legitimate, certified-by-the-city massage establishment, David Perry tries to run a tight ship. Leyla Black had good references and he thought she would be a good employee as a masseuse, but he quickly discovers she likes to goof off and even damage the equipment. Not good. Not good at all…he decides she has to learn a lesson. Let’s just bend this girl over and give her a good spanking, for starters!

Yes, David thinks, this smooth warm ass has probably not received the spankings it has deserved in the past, but that’s all going to change! Her attitude today is clearly a result of the laxness of her earlier life. He’s going to make a better employee of her through strict discipline…well, she took that initial spanking well enough. However, David thinks that perhaps she WANTED the spanking, and had manipulated him with her bad behavior into giving it. Well, let’s see how she feels being disciplined in the nude. “You are going to clean up that mess you made on the floor, young lady!” he barks, bringing over the sweeper and dustpan. On second thought, that dustpan could teach her a lesson too…David likes to get original with his disciplinary methods. Oh yes, the dustpan is quite effective on naughty Leyla‘s butt!


“Raise your legs, I’m not finished yet!”


But he feels she needs more. He gets her on her knees on the massage table, where she could have been giving massages and earning money, but no, she wanted to be a lazy slug of a girl and file her nails instead of pleasing clients! Well, let’s use one of the massage cream bottles to teach her a further lesson. SMACK SMACK SMACK! “Yes, cry out, you bad girl, but you brought this on yourself! Now let’s get down to brass tacks with some old-fashioned over-the-knee butt-warming! Oh you nasty girl, I can feel your pussy leaking on my slacks while I spank this ass of yours! You’re a dirty-minded little slut, aren’t you? You like this! You want this! Well, then I’ll have to find some other ways to teach you a lesson…”

Looking down at his handiwork, her reddened seat, David knows that he has done his good deed for the day. But the job is not done, because he can tell she still thinks she can get over on him. So more is in store for naughty Miss Leyla Black! See exactly WHAT in next week’s installment.

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Leyla Black: Bound For Disobedience [Part 2]

Leyla Black continues to be naughty, so her unseen master continues to punish her! As in the first part of her punishment last week, he shows ingenuity in making her uncomfortable.

Bound to the staircase, her thighs securely wide open, her wrists fastened to the railing, poor Leyla knows that at any moment a guest may come through her master’s house and look up to see her displayed with such humiliating, restrictive nudity.

But complaining only makes her situation worse, as a dildo is crammed into her mouth to silence her protests. She certainly hopes nobody sees her THIS way! If word got around, everybody would laugh at her in the neighborhood, knowing that she disobeyed her master and was an unappreciative little dildo-sucking bitch…her punishment continues when a plug is crammed in her butt and her ankles are tied together.

With her head sticking out through the railing, her pussy is available to any of her master’s guests if they walk by and see her kneeling over…but her unseen master decides that she does not have the right to a fucking, so he crams her snatch with the dildo from her mouth and rearranges her bonds.

Is there no end to his harsh treatment of her? Well, maybe there will be if one day Leyla learns to obey!

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