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Meg Magic,Kathia Nobili: Restroom Humiliation: Dominatrix Crams Sub’s Pussy With Bottle

Did you ever wonder why girls usually go to the restroom two by two? Well, sometimes it’s not only about powdering their noses. In today’s episode of DDF Network’s disciplinary series “House of Taboo” you are granted insight into what’s really happening in ladies’ restroom. Kathia Nobili is doing her makeup while Meg Magic is waiting but soon, that brown-eyed Hungarian girl will be humiliated by that blonde dominatrix. The Czech glamour milf crams her sub’s pussy with a bottle after spitting onto her in the toilet. Check out our XXX fetish porn pics in the gallery below as well!

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DDF Updates: Restroom Humiliation: Dominatrix Crams Sub’s Pussy With Bottle


Lana & Kathia Nobili: Girl on a Leash

Kathia Nobili plays the mistress and Lana plays her slave–or shall we say “pet”?–in today’s scenario. Keeping Lana on a leash and in a muzzle, not to mention with a little black-thonged tail-plug stuck in her cheeks, Mistress Kathia puts her subbie through her paces, feeding her treats through the muzzle, threatening to make her drink water out of a bowl on the floor, and smacking her butt with a riding crop and her bare hand.

Finally the muzzle comes off–but not before its usefulness as a masturbation aid for mistress has been sampled–and then Lana is tied to the couch with rope, face-sat by her goddess, and then banged in her shaved pussy with a big black dong. But it seems that mistress has a butt-plug of her own inside her booty, and Lana has to remove it with her mouth.

Explore this new Full HD BDSM lesbian bondage scene and see all the intricate details of this mistress-slave interaction as Kathia and Lana demonstrate that the kinky rules are flexible when it comes to extreme sex pleasures, and intense fetish play can still be all in fun!

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DDF Updates: Girl on a Leash


Gina & Kathia Nobili & Nick Lang: Sex Fiend Acadamy

Gina has been a very naughty student, smoking in the closet. But she’s also been careless, because her teacher Kathia Nobili has caught her in the act! Miss Nobili loses no time in taking Gina to the principal, Mr. Nick Lang, who instantly puts aside the magazine he was reading to administer a harsh spanking, followed by Gina’s initiation into oral discipline, first by being made to suck the handle of a jump rope, and then to worship principal Lang’s big dick. See it all in this extreme porn threesome!

Miss Nobili fucks Gina with the jump rope handle while the schoolgirl continues to blow Mr. Lang, before being laid on the desk to be penetrated by the Lang log. Meanwhile Miss Nobili sits her snatch on Gina’s mouth at the same time.

The gorgeous teacher realizes she would like a little of her boss’s dick herself, and so she positions her pussy over Gina’s face so that the girl will be humiliated by observing her teacher getting fucked by the principal only inches above. Ultimately, though, Gina is penetrated in her ass by Miss Nobili (with the jump rope handle) and by Mr. Lang (with his prick) until in the climax of this hardcore XXX video her face is turned into a cum dump, which these academic sex fiends are convinced will teach this schoolgirl a no-smoking lesson once and for all!

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DDF Updates: Sex Fiend Acadamy


Lucia Love & Kathia Nobili: Devil’s Slave

Lucia Love is bound in ropes and waiting for the arrival of Mistress Kathia Nobili. Lucia’s crime is unspecified; but no crime is necessary for punishment. This mistress sometimes just punishes for maintenance of a proper submissive attitude in her slaves…

And so Lucia shall be humiliated first with her mistress’s fingers in her mouth, and then a huge inflatable black dildo, guaranteed to make her mascara run with her tears even as she winces from the pain of an impromptu bare bottom spanking…

Next she has to kneel before her goddess, licking her pussy, and then have her whole face shoved into Mistress Kathia’s ass-crack…there is no degradation too low for this slavegirl…

Then Lucia is compelled to suck the inflatable black dido while it juts out of Mistress Kathia’s thighs, and then Lucia has to stand up to take that dildo, well-lubricated by her very saliva, into her very own asshole…

And then for the finale of this fetish XXX video backed with Full HD BDSM, Mistress Kathia face-sits a tightly bound Lucia, sticks her own butthole directly on the sub’s mouth, and pulls her tits in a last burst of agony for the hapless slave!

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DDF Updates: Devil’s Slave


Alysa aka Alysa Gap & Sophie Lynx & Kathia Nobili: You are my Playthings

Kathia Nobili dominates slavegirls Sophie Lynx and Alysa Gap in fierce style. Her naked subs are both blindfolded–Sophie in the red mask, Alysa in the black–and bound to the walls by their wrists and ankles.

Mistress Kathia is striking in her black and pink corset and thigh high black stiletto boots as she flogs and spanks her playthings, then gets them servicing her black strap-on dildo with their mouths.

But this powerful vixen is only getting started, as she plows Alysa’s anus with her proxy prick, then shifts to using two butt plugs, a black one for Alysa and a red one for Sophie. She gets her slavegirls to lubricate these plugs with their mouths to help ease them into their holes for the ultimate in exposure and degradation, as their stuffed bottoms are turned upward for display.

In one startling shot, Mistress Kathia pushes Sophie’s plug down into her ass with her spiked heel while Alysa obediently licks her shiny boot! So enjoy all the perverse Full HD BDSM action in this fetish XXX video crammed with lesbian bondage!

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DDF Updates: You are my Playthings


Kathia Nobili & Lucia Love & Nick Lang: The Secret Master

Mistress Kathia Nobili has her two humble subjects Nick Lang and Lucia Love well-trained. Lucia is bound by her wrists on a bondage frame, and Nick is made to kiss the dominatrix’s peep toe shoe.

But then he gets to suck her tits, and nibbles at Lucia’s pussy too; hey, for a slave, this guy has it pretty good! He even gets to participate in the spanking of his fellow submissive, Lucia.

Well, maybe Nick is only half a slave? He licks his mistress’s pussy and her asshole too. Then he gets his cock sucked by Lucia while Mistress Kathia masturbates.

Hmm…maybe Nick is really the secret master of them all, and this is a weird head game he plays, pretending to be Kathia’s slave but really calling the shots in this fetish XXX video full of unique twists and turns on the classic themes of extreme sex and dominance/submission!

Lucia gets her face crammed with a big dildo, a bridle between her teeth, a plug in her ass, and Nick’s cock in her twat. Yes sir, for a slave, Nick sure has got a good thing going, dumping his load of cum in Lucia’s mouth after even banging his domme’s ass from behind!

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Kathia Nobili & Bonnie Rose: Re-Training The Maid

Kathia Nobili is getting fed up with her maid, Bonnie Rose. The girl is so clumsy that Kathia decides a little re-training will get her on the right track.

The contrast in the two females couldn’t be more stark: the powerful mistress in her black lace body shaper, garters, and sheer black stockings; and the awkward girl servant in her pink starched pinafore, matching cap, and bare legs.

The mistress takes the situation in hand by putting Bonnie across her lap for a bare-handed panty-warming, then gets the maid kissing her shoes to instill a further sense of humility.

This fantastic fetish XXX video proceeds to detail Bonnie’s further humblings, with her panties pulled down for a paddle spanking; having her mouth gagged; and then her wrists cuffed so that when she’s bent over for some penetration in her bottom with a sleek blue vibrator, she will take her punishment as passively as possible.

See all this lesbian bondage in a Full HD BDSM video!

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Kathia Nobili & Choky Ice & Nick Lang: Office Diversion

Check out today’s roleplay fantasy about how Nick Lang takes the edge off stress when he’s on the job. He shows his colleague Choky Ice a secret room behind his office, where he keeps Kathia Nobili naked and bound on a bed.

He brings Choky into the room, where they proceed to take their pleasures with the helpless female. They pull her nipples and whip her ass. Choky puts Kathia over his knee and gives her a spanking while she sucks Nick, and then she kneels between them to move her mouth from cock to cock.

Soon she’s back on the bed getting fucked in both face and snatch, until Choky moves his meat into her butt while she continues to blow Nick.

Finally she takes them both in a double penetration, riding Choky with her veeg while Nick does her asshole. It ends with a messy load all over her tongue as she kneels once more between the two men, taking their spunk on her tongue and tits in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM.

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Henessy & Kathia Nobili: Fury Of Her Displeasure

Czech stunner Kathia Nobili is haughty and sadistic as she indulges in some extreme sex and thorough BDSM in this fetish XXX video with the innocent-looking Henessy from the Russian Federation.

The submissive Henessy is tightly bound to a decrepit chair that looks as if it came from the office of a disgraced and insane 1930s pussy doctor. Mistress Kathia clamps clothespins on Henessy’s tongue, nipples, and toes, as well as on the lips of her spread-open snatch.

Kathia fingers Henessy’s butthole even as she applies the clothespins in this lesbian bondage extravaganza, then she whips Henessy’s feet and knocks off the clothespins.

But this is only the beginning of Henessy’s torments, which include spanking, anal penetration with a black dildo, and ultimately apologetic tongue service on her domme’s derriere.

Moral of the story? Don’t displease the mistress, or reap her fury!

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Nick Lang & Samantha Bentley & Kathia Nobili: Total Female Plaything!

Kathia Nobili and Nick Lang are a wealthy and sexually adventurous couple who share a champagne toast and then go into a secret room where they keep their live-in slavegirl, Samantha Bentley.

She waits for them naked on her knees, her wrists immobilized by iron handcuffs that are linked to a collar around her neck. She is their total female plaything, commanded to do everything from kiss Kathia’s shoes to receiving her spanking to sucking a dildo to blowing Nick’s dick.

The couple use her in so many different ways, penetrating her pussy and mouth and then leaning on her while they fuck each other, with Kathia taking Nick deep in her ass.

But rest assured that in the end, the messy load goes all over the slavegirl’s outstretched tongue in this Full HD BDSM video packed with extreme sex.

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