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Kandall N & Sabby: Drool For Me, Sweetheart

In today’s roleplay scene, Kandall waits at home for her guy Sabby to come home from work, but when he arrives, he’s got a surprise for her in his briefcase…handcuffs, and a weird bridle which he puts over her face and head and which keeps her mouth open for the plunging of his cock.

Soon he’s got her kneeling before him to fuck her face, her tits hanging over the front of her green dress. Because the bridle holds her mouth open, the drool accumulates and pours down along her chin.

He takes her mouth in various positions as the saliva keeps seeping out of her lips, and her eyes narrow in wonderment of the strange paths that a woman’s life can take. It looks like Sabby cums in her mouth, but it’s almost hard to tell with all the drool that keeps pouring from her stretched open lips. See all this extreme sex in a fetish XXX video.

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Kandall N: Contemplating Her Sins!

The sins of young women must sometimes be dealt with in a manner that makes it necessary for them to spend quality time contemplating the error of their ways. When they are bound and immovable, they can consider their transgressions because there is nothing else they are able to do. And we invite you to do some contemplation yourself as Kandall N, that Romanian blonde, is tied up and suspended from the ceiling.

It looks as if she has already been disciplined on her buttocks, which appear rosy and a bit blemished by some sort of corporal correction. Although we show Kandall being trussed up by a bondage master, this is a scene that actually includes three people–the third one being YOU yourself, as you put yourself into the role of observer and, perhaps, even stern judge.

Imagine yourself talking to Kandall as her arms are secured behind her back, her legs lifted up in the air, her mouth pulled open by rope, and a blue dong inserted into her twat. What are YOU saying to this naughty girl in this scene of full HD BDSM? Are you enumerating all the bad things she has done to deserve this fate of being exhibited nude and bound and hanging from the ceiling?

Speak the words aloud as you study Kandall’s photos and watch her fetish XXX video. Tell her why she is being punished, and why you are going to spunk all over her to teach her the ultimate lesson that she is at the mercy of your merciless cock!

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Kandall N & Rubber Ruby: Training For Total Servitude!

That dangerous femme fatale in shiny red, Rubber Ruby, has a tender newbie at her disposal! The sweet blonde Kandall kneels naked, blindfolded, and obedient at Ruby’s high-heeled feet, with her wrists bound before her. For what unspecified crimes has Kandall been placed in this position for punishment? Well, let your own imagination decide!

Meanwhile, watch what happens to this naughty girl for her sins. Slapped on her butt with the riding crop, she has her blindfold removed, but then has her nipples harshly tweaked by the red-gloved fingers of her Mistress Ruby!

Next the rebellious girl is led around on a leash on all fours, trailing behind the magnificent curves of her controlling domina. But Kandall doesn’t keep up the pace properly, and so more smacks on her ass with the crop are called for. OWWW!!

Kandall is ordered to kiss her goddess’s feet in gratitude for such helpful correction. She’s even given the treat of licking her queen’s quim, which is revealed when Ruby tugs up the bright red hem of her dress. But cunnilingus is only preparation for dildo-sucking! Ruby straps on a big one, and soon Kandall is slurping it deeply. Good training for when her mistress hires her out as a suck slut for horny anonymous sleazeballs!

But the ultimate aspect of Kandall’s training is when she is ordered to bend over on the couch and take that rubber shaft in her ass! Yes, she has to know how to please her mistress with her butt–taking the dildo deep in her cheeks, just as she will one day take the cocks of strangers there when mistress decides Kandall will be a perfect Rectal Raunchette for horny men who are drifting through town and looking for a fine piece of hot ass!

So Rubber Ruby teaches her slave to ride that cock with her asshole until she is satisfied that Kandall is up to her rigorous standards of servitude!

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