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The pounding of her perfect poon!

Today we take a trip into a world unknown to many. Into a land in which just about any sexual desire your mind could conjure up can be fulfilled!

At the helm of this cum drenched adventure is the sexual engineer Tigerr Benson and her passenger for the day is the incredibly gifted Jordan Pryce.

The vehicle they choose is a colossal cunnie creamer! Take a front row seat into this multi-orgasmic world of theirs!

The girls bask in the privacy (Well, not so private as we get a many angled view of this twat adventure!) of an outdoor oasis, where this colossal fuck machine is set up and they take turns getting drilled by its powerful double pronged pussy pumper.

The capabilities of this thing to induce orgasms on its victims is just amazing and Tigerr sets it up so that she can be pounded deep anally while Jordan watches and is fucked by the other end of the machine at the same time!

The girls enjoy a a series of juicy hot orgasms, all underneath the midday sun! What a genius invention!

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