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Hot kinky dark-haired babe Jessica Sanchez bound in latex

Summoned to the bathroom, Jessica slowly saunters in, commanded by her Master to check her hygiene she announces a need for washing.

In the tub she goes bound against the glistening white wall. Master turns on a strong jet of cool water and saturates her body with it, concentrating on her sensitive nipples and below her smooth belly.

The thick jet of water pulverizes her clit and labia. She squirms and twists against the bonds and her Master’s command to keep her legs open.

She is told to turn around. The water jet cascades down her back and creamy white bottom. It pulses against her bottom hole. The strong jet penetrates her rectal muscles when she is told to keep her ass open.

The bathing has weakened her bladder but master tells her to piss in the tub.

When finished she must taste herself again for cleanliness. She rubs her pussy, now sensitized by the piecing jet. Master allows her some relief with a large black vibrator, which she employs to a solemn orgasm

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