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Tigerr Benson: Under Cruel Hands

One of our favorite damsels-in-distress, Tigerr Benson from the United Kingdom, is back in a tight predicament that finds her bound naked with ropes over what looks like an antique piano bench. Her 36DD boobs are plumped up thanks to the ropes that encircle them snugly, and her pierced shaved pussy is presented helplessly to whatever shall penetrate it.

Cruel male hands come into the scene, pulling on her cunny lips, squeezing and tugging her nipples, penetrating her quim and mouth, and then pouring red candle wax all over her breasts in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video.

Tigerr can only gasp in a combination of pain mixed with the ecstasy of extreme sex as her torso, from tits to crotch, is covered big drops of hot wax.

Later, after the wax is gone, it’s time for a portable, handheld fucking machine, the dildo of which is lubed up by Tigerr’s mouth and stuffed into her snatch. Turned over so that her butt is raised in the doggie position, our heroine is then banged by the machine in her asshole, and when she’s turned around onto her back once more, we see the bright pink of her pussy between her dark lips as the relentless mechanical cock continues to do her asshole deep!

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Madlin & Cindy Hope aka Klaudia: For Her Amusement

Mistress Cindy Hope has slavegirl Madlin to play with. While she reads a magazine, the Hungarian goddess keeps her naked submissive standing and leashed next to the couch…

Then Cindy decides to have fun with her subbie. She tugs her down by her leash and gets Madlin eating her out in this fetish XXX video. She has Madlin well-trained to lap deep at her dominant quim…

But Madlin’s duties are not only sexual. The Hungarian slavegirl fetches refreshments for her mistress, but then the domme cruelly trips her…

For such clumsiness, punishment is required in the form of a harsh spanking on Madlin’s naked bottom. In fact, determined to really redden that butt, Mistress Cindy puts Madlin over her knee to unforgettably warm those cheeks.

Then, for her further amusement, Mistress Cindy chains Madlin to the coffee table for some lesbian bondage and pours red candle wax all over the helpless girl’s nude body and shaved pussy! Madlin writhes and gasps in agony as her naked skin is littered with the sizzling wax.

But there’s even more–as inventive Mistress Cindy sits on her slave’s face and then takes out a black dildo for further humiliations and penetrations in this epic of Full HD BDSM!

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DDF Updates: For Her Amusement


Isabel Dean: Chastised in Wax

In a black room somewhere deep in the DDF Dungeon, Isabel Dean stands in her black corset and strappy black high heels and punishes herself with red candle wax.

She holds the thick candle over her legs and starts pouring it there, sizzling her skin with erotic heat in this fetish XXX video. Look at the ominous scarlet patterns the wax makes on her thighs…

But Isabel is only getting started with her self-inflicted pain. After doing her other leg, she pours the wax on her ass, then on her arms, then into her cleavage pushed up by the corset.


Finally it’s time for her crotch to get the treatment, and you’ll see Isabel moan and cry out as the hot flow of wax oozes down from her small bush on the top of her mound and slides down near the edges of her flowery snatch. Afterward, she takes a strange metal blade and peels off the dried wax as this bizarre exercise in private chastisement comes to a haunting finish.

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Amarna Miller & Alice Axx: The Cruel Hand goes Deep

Amarna Miller, in the dominant mode, has a good toy to play with…a human toy, a pretty girl named Alice Axx!

Laying bound hand and foot on a bare mattress, Alice is at the mercy of Mistress Miller as the commanding redhead pours candle wax all over her pussy and tits.

Amarna tugs at Alice’s wax-drenched pubic hair, and pulls at her waxy nipples.

Then it’s time for some intense penetration, and Alice knows she must not let her cruel mistress down. She watches intensely as Amarna inserts a few fingers in her Axx box…then her whole hand, in this incredible fisting scene!

Then Mistress Amarna gets Alice kneeling so that her sub can be fisted in the doggie position. Incredible shots in this fetish XXX video packed with lesbian bondage!

Then it’s time for a spanking, and candle wax poured on those slave cheeks, before Alice can lick her mistress to satisfy the arousal that dishing out all this pervy punishment has stirred in the loins of the stern dominatrix!

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DDF Updates: The Cruel Hand goes Deep


Angel Deelight & Paige Delight: Bad Girls Pay The Piper

As Angel Deelight learns, when you’re bad, there’s no escape from the consequences of your actions–especially when you’re under the thumb of Paige Delight, a fierce mistress if there ever was one!

Bad girls must pay the piper! See what the pencil-skirted redheaded dominatrix does to her disobedient slave in this incredible roleplay scene of Full HD BDSM as Mistress Paige disciplines the tattooed blonde, most of whose face is covered by a black latex mask.

Paige uses her riding crop on Angel’s tender bare titties, then both her riding crop and her strong bare hand, spanking and smacking Angel’s full lush butt. Paige gets Angel letting out wide red-lipsticked gasps of surprise and pain; but that’s nothing compared to what Angel will feel as the bottom-warming continues with that crop and something far more sinister and sizzling!

Moral of the scene for rebellious slavegirls? “Let this WARMING be a WARNING.”

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Isla & Lucia Love: Price Of Her Sins!

Lucia Love must have done something pretty bad to have to be put through her paces the way Isla does it to her in this new scene. Lucia probably didn’t scrub the bathroom thoroughly, or maybe she brought wine to Mistress Isla that wasn’t properly chilled.

In any case, Isla recognizes her sub’s need for discipline, and she delivers it! Lucia is outfitted in a metal bra, chastity belt with an opening for a dildo, and metal cuffs restricting the movement of her thighs.

While Lucia stands at attention, Isla  whips her across her front with a cat-o-nine-tails. Then she turns Lucia around, has her bend over (all the while holding Lucia’s neck on a leash), and flogs her ass as the girl cries out in pain and dismay. Then it’s time for Lucia to serve Mistress Isla on her knees, licking Isla’s pussy. Isla then lays Lucia on her back on a heavy wooden table, and squats over her sub’s face and rides it for her pleasure.

Then it’s time for red candle wax, pouring down all over Lucia’s behind, making her moan and gasp in agony as the hot red goo dries on the skin of her vulnerable white butt. What a mess the splattering wax makes, all over her ass! But then Mistress Isla peels off the wax and applies a fierce spanking as her slave grimaces under the onslaught of devilish correction.

But all is not punishment! No, Mistress Isla can be kind too, in her way, and she knows even a bad sub needs sexual release–so she crams a black dildo into Lucia’s pussy through the opening in the chastity belt. Isla lords over her slave: “Now, enjoy your orgasm, my little disobedient bitch!” And then she kisses her slave goodbye and leaves Lucia on the waxy surface of the wooden table, to feel the dildo still in her snatch, and to contemplate the price of her sins!

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Roxy Mendez & Roxette Rocks: Sin and Bare it!

Roxy Mendez has been bad. And so her domme, Mistress Roxette Rocks, needs to apply discipline in its various forms.

First Roxy, with her butt bared in a cut-out black vinyl dress, is tied to a table and spanked with an official House of Taboo paddle. It sure looks like it stings! Then the barefoot miscreant’s bottom is revealed further so that Mistress Rocks can smack it with her naked hand.

Nothing like the human touch of a firm palm to add a humiliating edge to a spanking! Roxy cries out but her pleading and whining will not move Mistress Rocks in the least. The domme knows what she has to do, and that a certain level of behavior must be achieved by this slave, and pronto!

Mistress Rocks has Miss Mendez kneel so that she may be stripped of her dress and then tied face down on the table. Red ropes at her wrists and ankles keep Roxy firmly anchored, and she’s not going anywhere. The mistress applies her hand and a long black crop all over Roxy’s luscious round behind, and then it’s time for red candle wax therapy as the dominatrix pours it all over Roxy’s rear. “What have I done to deserve this??” Roxy thinks, going through the list of sins in her mind…but her seat is sizzling too much for her to concentrate on any accurate inventory of her fuck-ups as a submissive. She’ll just have to accept the fact that she’s sinned somehow or other, and now she’ll have to bear the punishment on her bare bottie.

Soon her mistress turns Roxy over on her back, licks her face with animalistic fervor, runs her riding crop over Roxy’s pussy, squeezes her titties, and then applies yet more red candle wax to the front of Roxy‘s body! Talk about a scarlet letter for sin–Roxy is getting a whole scarlet abstract painting on her boob made up of the red drippings! She cries out at the heat of the wax, and then she’s left to lay alone on the table to contemplate whether she’ll make the effort to be a better slave in the future!

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Demetris: Little Candle Wax on the Nipples?

Chained up to the fireplace with nowhere to go! Lucky for Hungarian newbie Demetris though, a nice new futuristic dildo/vibrator combo device is just within reach for her to have a little fun. And once the fun begins, a little pain with the pleasure is not far behind as the tall, teen, taboo goddess Demetris finds an erotic use for the hot wax on the candles which are also useful.Hmmmm, perhaps these items were left on purpose.

I’ve got my popcorn ready for the show! Wearing a spiked collar and and spiked wrist cuffs at the start of the set, Demetris has a very sullen look on her face, like she is sad, and lonely. Though in the distance we can see an assortment of toys to keep her company.

Completely naked she crawls over to the cuffs on the fire place and caresses them as if they remind her of a long lost love. Then she crawls immediately over to the bulbous dildo standing erect on the floor and she begins to tease it with her luscious lips and tongue.

She portrays the qualities of a sleek cat, touching her beautiful face up against the sexual pleasure devices as if to give them love. It’s not long before she has cuffed her ankles together, and is pouring hot candle wax all over her hot naked body in the dimly lit room.

The shadows she casts across the room will lead to some major erections, and the moans from the joy she receives from the pleasure and pain will solidify it. The hot wax dribbling down to her fully shaven and tattooed twat get her extremely excited and she starts massaging her little clam and pouring more hot wax onto it. Gorgeous sight indeed!

A true Gothic girl with her black hair and dark eyes, she soon cuffs one wrist to the fireplace and sits on the odd shaped dildo. She squats and hops up and down on the phallic device, taking it deep inside her juicy box. Then she bends over and arches her back into doggy style and jams her pussy good with her free hand, giving herself a screaming orgasm with her face down and her ass up!

Once she’s done she sits in a dazed state, completely disheveled, and full of candle wax, but satisfied!

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Eve Angel and Bibi Noel: The Breaking in of Bibi! [Part 2]

We’re back with part 2 of “The breaking in of Bibi”!

When we last left our two super starlets, Eve Angel and Bibi, Eve was just warming up with the spanking and bondage of her beautiful blonde, submissive slave girl.

We continue on with Bibi still on her back on the glass dining room table, and Eve hovering above her with a lit candle!

Bibi’s juicy pussy is spread wide and the HD action makes us feel like we could reach over to the screen and pop her clit right into our mouths, swirl it around like a peppermint and make her cum!

That’s Eve’s job here today though, and after she gives her a bit of pain with the candle wax, she pulls out a fat candle with a hot tip and starts working it into Bibi’s tight asshole. She pops her up into doggy style so we can really see all the action and what’s happening next. She manages to put one candle in Bibi’s ass, and another in her puss.

After pleasuring the girl for awhile, Eve decides she would like her own pussy eating, so she sits on Bibi’s face, front and back rotating, and has her deliciously trimmed pie served in style!

Mmmmm, I’ll bet that tastes like tropical fruits coated in sugar!

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Tina Kay and Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and candle wax!

Ruth Medina is really in for it when she gets coaxed into a cave by sultry dominatrix Tina Kay!

The set becomes an eerie tale of a girl gone bad and woman who loves to punish her for it!

Opening scene has Ruth balling in chains and she seems so distressed. Looks like she was abducted from school, still wearing her uniform.

She’s speaking in Spanish, so it must be on another continent and then a voice cut’s through her cries and tells her she needs to be taught a lesson for misbehaving!

Tina Kay comes in as her dominatrix teacher, all sexy in her glasses and skirt. She rips open Ruth‘s top and starts biting her titties and suckling on her face. Then she gags her and drips candle wax on her chest while flogging her bald beaver with a switch!

Ruth screams and Tina keeps on with her dirty work. We get a double super sweet ass shot as Kay hikes up her skirt and she’s us that round bum of hers and straps Ruth up to smack her bottom real good as well.

Even gapes her ass open for good measure. Some candle wax goes on that round ass of hers, and it’s just the beginning!

Come back to see what happens next at House of Taboo!

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