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Zara DuRose: Lazy Craftsman – Red-Haired Dominatrix Humiliates Tiler

Choky Ice is a lazy craftsman. He prefers taking one nap after the other rather than getting his job done.

In today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo, the red-haired dominatrix Zara DuRose humiliates the tiler and gives him some special education to learn from. It’s absolutely unacceptable to charge for sleeping!

The hot babe wears a stunning shiny latex costume, when she finds the Hungarian workman. She ties his legs up and feeds him that black high heel while stepping on his balls with the other one. There are no excuses necessary! Within seconds, the dominant client gives him some face sitting and makes him lick her latex boots!

Choky kneels on the floor while and starts sucking her heels while the impressive mistress masturbates above his head. She crams her crotch with his head and stuffs her trimmer quim with his tongue before making her curvy ass gape!

After some lusty ass licking, she grabs his dong and gives him a handjob, squeezes his balls and goes down on him in 69. Enjoy a creamy reverse cowgirl ride and check out some fetish closeup porn pics in our photo gallery below!

Those high heels nail his sac to the ground and with his hands tied together, he receives that final wank until he cums.

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DDF Updates: Lazy Craftsman – Red-Haired Dominatrix Humiliates Tiler