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Gloria: Pissing for Punishment [Part 3]

Dean Choky Ice knows that Gloria needs further lessons. There are students who simply resist any kind of discipline, and Gloria is apparently one of them. It was bad enough when she pissed in a vase in Part 1 and removed the butt plug he had ordered her to wear…and he had the distinct impression in Part 2 that she enjoyed the spanking he gave her a little too much, the perverse little vixen…so further measures must be taken!

She thinks reading books is a joke? Then let her taste a book, Dean Ice thinks to himself. Chew on it, you naughty creature…and let’s see how you enjoy it when your wrists are tied, so you can’t resist my lessons…like the value of sucking cock! Young ladies must learn to suck cock, it is what gives them a sense of balance in their lives…and balance is what you’re lacking, Gloria!

Learn your lessons with my meat! As for your other holes…you must learn that when your erotic needs are not fulfilled, their yearnings spill over and make it impossible for you to concentrate on your studies properly! If your ass needs to be fucked, it must be fucked and not next week but tonight…so let’s take out this butt plug which you have finally managed to keep in as I demanded…and let’s replace it with my cock!

Your mouth can occupy itself with the butt plug while my shaft relieves your hungers…yes, it’s a nice tight ass…too tight, probably, which is why you’re so rambunctious and disruptive in the school…how dare you smoke cigarettes, those evil vile pollution sticks…oh, you have oral needs?

My cock, straight from your ass, should satisfy your hungers! And next you will learn the instructive qualities of doggie style…yes, dear Gloria, I’m no ordinary dean…I’m Dean Ice, who feeds you cock, gives you sperm, and cleanses your body of those lusts which so derail your academic progress!!

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Gloria: Pissing for Punishment! [Part 2]

Gloria was a bad girl, breaking all the school rules like smoking cigarettes, and carrying an erotic device–a butt plug–in her school bag!! What ideas these young girls have these days. Too much sexual stimulation in the nasty outside world! But what was even worse, as we saw in the first installment of this story, is that while waiting in Dean Ice’s office for him to come back, she couldn’t control her pee and took a leak in his expensive vase!!

She even had the gall to take out the butt plug he had her place in her ass when he made her stand facing the wall! Well now the harsh school disciplinarian will really have to teach this unruly student a lesson. He discovers how she peed not just into the vase, but on the floor, too! Spanking is called for.

He makes sure the butt plug is back firmly in place. But no, she deserves more than just standing against the wall. He’ll take this little vixen over his knee! SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK…the sound echoes with the fury of authority in his dark office. Let her wail and sob, she brought it on herself! But she deserves a further lesson. Let’s get this jacket and blouse off. Let her feel the shame of nudity in front of her dean!

She doesn’t want to pay attention to her studies, laughs at her books? Let her hold a book in her mouth then, like a dog taught to fetch! Now let’s get her hands tied and put her across the desk. You’re going to be spanked, young lady, like you never dreamt you ever would be!

SMACK SPLAT SMACK SPLAT! And keep that plug in your ass, show a little self-control! You’re going to be spanked until you never want to smoke a cigarette again or pee in a vase! Ah, now your cheeks look like they’ve gotten a proper lesson…but there’s one more lesson you’re going to have to endure, very very soon…in Part 3!!

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Gloria: Pissing for Punishment [Part 1]

When Gloria gets busted smoking cigarettes by one of her teachers that rats on her, the college girls world comes tumbling down. You see, the Dean of her school doesn’t play games, and he really hates disobedience.His name is Dean Ice, because he’s Ice cold, and Gloria is about to feel his freeze!

Gloria doesn’t confess to her misdeeds, and the Dean gets pretty infuriated. He grabs her by her schoolgirl tie and smells her breathe. Uh-oh, he smells ciggies, not too good for Gloria. He then inspects her bag and finds a box of tobacco sticks which she denies being hers. That’s trouble with a capital T right there.

Gloria apologizes and says she needs to take a piss. The dean puts her on her knees to think about her punishment and leaves the room, but Gloria can’t hold it and grabs his glass vase filled with rocks from his desk, empties it in the corner, and takes a hot piss in it. After rubbing her clit that is. She shoots a mad stream into the vase, and definitely does not hit a bulls eye, trickling some drops to the ground underneath.

When Choky comes in and finds that she pissed in his vase, she’s done for! He bends her over his desk and spanks her, then he finds a butt plug in her bag, and tells her to use it while he watches. Just a warm up for what’s coming to this naughty student. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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