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Jasmine Webb,Gina: Fetish Examination – Dominant Doc And Nurse Fuck Young Patient

Today’s fetish examination takes place at the DDF Network genital hospital. The dominant Doc David Perry and his hot nurse Jasmine Webb prepare their submissive patient Gina to fuck her hard with several medial tools. The petite babe with small natural tits gets her mouth crammed with steel, receives some serious shaved pussy stuffing by the Perry prick, and is allowed to give Jasmine some ass licking while she receives the Doc’s hard meat.

The bondage scene is shot in Full HD and starts with the sexy college student being tied up on the examination table. The nurse double penetrates her anus and cunny with some medical pipes while giving her some titty sucking. That small ass is soon to be banged by the Perry dong and while he leaves the submissive student with a gaping asshole, he gets his meat jerked off by the dark-skinned nurse. He blows his jizz all over the subby’s face!

This episode of House of Taboo gives you some outstanding hardcore fetish shots and leaves you with your jaws dropped down when the Russian teen gets ass fucked while Jasmine gives her some serious face sitting!

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DDF Updates: Fetish Examination – Dominant Doc And Nurse Fuck Young Patient


Gina,Stacey Saran: Catwoman Humiliated: Busty Dominatrix Bangs Submissive With Strap-On

It’s getting dirty in today’s episode of DDF Network’s House of Taboo! Watch dominatrix Stacey Saran from Great Britain humiliate her submissive Gina dressed as a fully naked version of Catwoman. The blonde babe with blue eyes makes that young slim Russian pussycat lick her red high heels and suck on her toes before spanking her tight small teenage ass with a black leather whip. She pours milk all over that young sub after tying her to the handrail of her mansion. Gina’s wrists are tied together with a purple rope while Stacey feeds her that gigantic black dong.

She buckles on that big strap-on cock and bangs her petite slave doggy style, then crams her mouth for some deep throat fucking and smashed her amazing butt cheeks with her bare hand. Gina is soaked in milk when her mistress fucks her shaved pussy spoon style. Stacey wears fishnet nylons and rubs her subby’s clit while cramming her asshole for some derriere hardcore penetration! This is fetish for the connoisseur!

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DDF Updates: Catwoman Humiliated: Busty Dominatrix Bangs Submissive With Strap-On


Gina & Nick Lang: The Diabolic Device

In today’s roleplay, Gina’s in chains, torn stockings, and at the mercy of an master.

She feels her mouth filled by a dildo device attached to a drill, a diabolical invention of his.

With his strong hand he urges her onto her back on the couch so he can squeeze her shaved pussy mound with his pitiless fingers.

He crams her snatch with his digits and then when he pulls them out, makes her lick up her own juices from them.

“On your knees!” he tells her, and then boffs her pussy and ass with his fingers.

“Now lube my dildo drill!” he orders, sticking the toy into her mouth, then transferring it to her snatch.

“It’s too much…too much…too much fucking perverted pleasure!!!” her mind cries out silently in her brain, even as he moves the drill over to her ANUS…

Then, when he’s done banging her back door with the toy, he puts the drill cock into her mouth for the final touch. See it all in a fetish XXX extreme sex Full HD BDSM video!

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DDF Updates: The Diabolic Device


Gina & Kathia Nobili & Nick Lang: Sex Fiend Acadamy

Gina has been a very naughty student, smoking in the closet. But she’s also been careless, because her teacher Kathia Nobili has caught her in the act! Miss Nobili loses no time in taking Gina to the principal, Mr. Nick Lang, who instantly puts aside the magazine he was reading to administer a harsh spanking, followed by Gina’s initiation into oral discipline, first by being made to suck the handle of a jump rope, and then to worship principal Lang’s big dick. See it all in this extreme porn threesome!

Miss Nobili fucks Gina with the jump rope handle while the schoolgirl continues to blow Mr. Lang, before being laid on the desk to be penetrated by the Lang log. Meanwhile Miss Nobili sits her snatch on Gina’s mouth at the same time.

The gorgeous teacher realizes she would like a little of her boss’s dick herself, and so she positions her pussy over Gina’s face so that the girl will be humiliated by observing her teacher getting fucked by the principal only inches above. Ultimately, though, Gina is penetrated in her ass by Miss Nobili (with the jump rope handle) and by Mr. Lang (with his prick) until in the climax of this hardcore XXX video her face is turned into a cum dump, which these academic sex fiends are convinced will teach this schoolgirl a no-smoking lesson once and for all!

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DDF Updates: Sex Fiend Acadamy


Mike Angelo & Gina: His Girlfriend, The Tree

Festive celebrations can take many forms, as you’ll discover when you check out this extreme sex roleplay scenario between Gina and Mike Angelo.

The scene seems to say to us kink lovers: why buy a holiday tree when you can turn your girlfriend into one?

Use clothespins on her arms and especially on her pussy lips to attach ornaments, and when you run out of clothespins, stuff an ornament in her mouth!

Have her hold candles up until her arms ache, because maybe that’ll remind her of the trying sacrifices of ancient peoples to keep the faith.

Test her own qualities of perseverance by pouring hot wax onto her torso while she still tries to keep holding up the candles. Then pour wax down her butt crack, too, and squeeze her shaved pussy lips.

Give her a holiday spanking while you’re at it; she must have done something naughty in the last twenty-four hours, so she no doubt deserves it. Then have her suck your cock while she has a lit candle sticking out of her butt. I

n case you need more ideas to get into the bizarre holiday spirit, watch the rest of this fetish XXX video and you’ll see a few more surprises which end only when Gina’s asshole is thoroughly fucked and blasts of cum decorate her face and the ornament that protrudes from her mouth.

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Gina & Clara G: Discipline From The Dean [Part 2]

When the dean of students, Clara G., returns to her office, her naughty pupil Gina is still standing there with the book on her head, trying to achieve some discipline in this life.

Do you want to learn even more about what your life will be like if you don’t buckle down and obey the rules?” says Clara G.

Yes, Ms. G.,” answers Gina.

Very well then. If you don’t have a good education, and furthermore if you have black marks all over your personal record as a citizen and perhaps end up in penal institutions, your options will be few! In fact, the only job that will be open to you will be that of streetwalking prostitute, a girl who sucks cocks and gets fucked by strangers for money in dark alleys and crummy hotel rooms! Do you want me to demonstrate what your future as a streetwalker will be like, you bad girl?

Yes, Ms. G.,” says Gina.

When the book is removed from her head and she turns around, she sees immediately what she will be faced with! Clara is in full sleazy mode, with a strap-on dildo hanging from her crotch!

We must pretend that I am one of your customers when you are a streetwalker. Customers are called ‘johns’ and ‘tricks.’ Now get on your knees and take this trick’s cock in your mouth.

Gina does as she is asked.

Ooh, that’s very good, my hot little slut,” says the dean, “you’ve gotten my dick so hard I want to fuck you right away!

And then she leads Gina over to the desk to bang her pussy from behind and when she’s laying down too. Clara tugs on the girl’s nipples, thrusting back and forth in her twat until finally she says, “I want your ass now, girl! And when you are a streetwalker, Gina, if the john pays for the ass, you will be giving it to him!

And with those thoughts in her mind, Gina feels Clara’s dick penetrating her rosebud deep and hard. “How do you like getting fucked in the butt, Gina?” the dean asks, but she doesn’t give Gina any time to answer–to show her how her future johns and tricks will sometimes be impatient to just move ahead to the next sexual activity. And so Clara takes out the strap-on prick from Gina’s ass and stuffs it deeply into her mouth.

So, Gina, what will it be?” says Dean of Students Clara G.Will you work hard to be a good upstanding student and citizen, or do you want to end up a girl of the streets?

But Gina has the last laugh on this ultra-kinky, authoritarian lady. Gina doesn’t answer…gives Clara a strangely unreadable expression…because perhaps Gina has been introduced to a possible way of life that turns her on!!! Thus are the goals of higher education thwarted by the perversions of the pedagogues!!

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Clara G & Gina: Discipline From the Dean [Part 1]

Dean of students Clara G. catches one of her pupils, Gina, smoking in the hallway! You’d think by the time a girl got to the higher levels of academia–this is a junior college, after all!!–she would know that smoking was bad for her, but not rebellious Gina. Well, Clara knows it’s her duty to teach Gina a lesson.

“We must lift up your skirt, young lady!”

The panties are lowered, the bottom of the naughty coed is smacked…many times. But it doesn’t seem to make much of an impression on the defiant Gina, so Clara orders her to take off all her clothes except her knee socks and shoes. Meanwhile, the dean, who’s having a hard time hiding her kinks, is taking sniffs of Gina’s discarded panties! Clara then bends Gina over her lap and gives her quite a few more slaps on the seat.

“Look how her tushy quivers under my hand!” Clara thinks.

She likes this job, overseeing these wiseass college students…maybe the entire institution would be rife with rebellion if the founders of the place didn’t insist that the girls wear uniforms through their entire course of study! Clara always felt uniforms had a calming influence on restless young female spirits. Well, it seems like Gina is still not quite getting the message.

“Let’s paddle her with a T-square!” thinks Clara.

And the relentless SMACK SMACK SMACK of the hard surface finally seems to make a dent in Gina’s attitude. “On your knees on the table, bottom raised!” declares the dean, quickly making those cheeks red and streaked. Hmm, thinks Clara, that pussy looks pretty naughty too…but further punishment will have to wait. Right now, let Gina stew in her humiliation by standing in the middle of the room, naked except for her knee socks and shoes, with a book on her head! Let her think about her behavior and the punishment it has brought on…and the additional treatment it will merit in our next installment!

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Gina: Toys of His Perversion [Part 2]

It’s that time again, Gina…Perversion Time with your rich mentor, who is paying off your student loans in exchange for your voluntary indulgence of his unique whims. You even signed a legal contract for this, remember? All very businesslike.

This week, you are naked in his Kabinet of Kink except for your white panties, shoes, and socks, and you are facing the wooden interior. He enters the scene with his latex gloves, pulling down your panties, and then he gets behind the cabinet, putting his hands through the arm holes so he can more intimately toy with your underpants and expose your cute tush. Feel his hands on your pussy lips, tugging, probing…and then using a scissors to cut away the panties themselves!

There is no sensation like the snipping of the fabric by the metal shears, peeling away the last vestige of your modesty. And then you feel the panties in your mouth as you are encouraged to partake of your own accumulated juices in the cotton! Even as you suck on the underwear, your bizarre mentor pulls apart your cheeks so that he can slide a gloved finger into your bungie…and he moves it around, investigating the interior of your rectum!

“I’m sure you want to taste yourself, don’t you my dear?” he says through the wooden wall of the cabinet, and when you answer “yes” he puts his latexed fingers in your mouth. Well, it is strange and unusual, but is it really stranger or more unusual…or more perverted…than the insane burden of student loans that a girl has to take on to get a high-level education these days??

Yes, you’re more than willing to have your tits, pussy, twat and mouth hornily handled in order to achieve freedom from your debts! And after all, when the scene is ended, your mentor will take you out for a big juicy steak too!

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Gina: Toy of His Perversion [Part 1]

Yes, Gina dear, it IS possible to get rid of your heavy burden of student loans after college relatively quickly…if you sign a contract to a kinky rich man who’s had his eye on you for some time, ever since he spotted you in a museum during your junior year doing research for an art history paper!

He struck up a conversation and said if you ever needed any assistance during your education, to call on him. And when you saw the debts you’d have to pay after graduation, you gave him a buzz. It’s simple, really. All you have to do is indenture yourself to him as a toy of his perversion! Your loans will be paid off, and you simply have to indulge his bizarre tastes once a week by allowing him to put you in a schoolgirl’s outfit complete with white blouse, red argyle tie, and blue-and-red plaid skirt! Oh, and you have to stand in a specially built cabinet overnight, with your wrists and legs bound, while you await his pleasure!

When he finally opens the cabinet, he tells you not to make a peep…not because anybody else is around to hear, because he lives alone in his mansion…but just because he likes to hear himself telling you to keep your lip zipped! Then he stands behind you in the cabinet, puts his hands through the special arm holes, and lets his fingers in latex gloves roam over your face, your neck, your hair, your lips, your teeth…tugging, pulling, exploring…HUMILIATING…you feel his palms fondling your breasts and then pulling up your blouse, exposing your nakedness. Then your skirt comes up, so your panties are revealed, and soon those are peeled off so that his latex-sheathed digits may probe and squeeze and distend your girlish nether lips…and you can hear him chuckling as he does all these irrational acts, which give him pleasure and fuel his remarkable ability to walk amongst men as a money-making machine, a financial wizard!

Sometimes a man acts strangely in his sexual affairs, perhaps even illogically, to be clear-headed and razor sharp in the other areas of his life. And then, after he grunts out his satisfaction at your degradation, he closes the cabinet doors for awhile, so you can think about your further treatment when he returns…in Part 2 next week!

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