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Emma Butt: Erotic Bondage at it’s Finest!

The absolutely delicious and incredibly curvaceous Emma Butt joins us today in a very sexy bondage set that will have you tugging on your willy before you even know what’s happened.

The set opens up with Emma giving us a very erotic show up against a wall, in a fancy black and red bustier, sheer stockings, and fuck me pumps.

Her gorgeous 36F’s are out in full display, and her panties are nowhere in sight, allowing us to peep her tight little shaven twat! After she has our dicks good and hard with her, slow, suggestive movements and moaning, a white rope comes into play and Emma begins to wrap it around her body, in a very intricate pattern, around her neck.

A four point cross section just below at her chest works its way around her incredible globes, and down to her sensational pussy, which get’s its own rope real estate that goes down between her thighs and straight up her juicy ass crack.

She manages to create quite the ornate system, that allows her to really tug on her pussy ropes, adding pressure to that tasty snack of hers at will. By the end of her show, she is completely subdued with her hands tied behind her back, squatting down and dropping to her knees.

Perfect position to receive a good hard dick in her mouth, and there wouldn’t be a thing she could do about it! Her sounds of desire fill the room, and leave you wondering, what’s next?

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Emma Butt & Isabella Clark: The Most Pliable Ass on Earth!

It’s looking like one of Sergeant Butt’s recruits stepped out of line and got herself some detention today.

Isabella Clark is about to feel the heat on her seat as she pays dearly for upsetting Emma, aka Sergeant Butt.

Watch as the story unfolds in this sexual deviant style punishment of the buxom little blond! Emma comes to the session dressed in her sexy black latex boots and skirt, with her white top and chevrons running down her sleeve.

She needs to teach the new recruit a lesson by licking, fingering, gaping, and spitting right inside where the sun dont’ shine while she’s cuffed! She really gapes the pretty blondes asshole wide open then sticks her whole fucking fist in there!

That will teach her to disobey Sergeant Butt’s orders. Take that!

She get’s in there wrist deep, and that’s just the warm up. Sergeant Butt pulls out a flesh colored war head shaped butt plug, lubes it up, and you guessed it! She starts working that thing right into Isabella‘s keister as hard as she can. Even puts some elbow grease into it.

Ruined, her butt is seriously ruined, right?

Hah, think again as Emma pulls out the biggest strap-on dildo known to man and reams her asshole out with that and then gapes it wide open for a closing shot. Now you know why they call her Sergeant Butt!

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Emma Butt: Man and His Master! [Part 3]

We’re back again with the final set of “Man and master” starring the buxom U.K. dominatrix Emma Butt and her pet in training Frank Gun.

Last we left these two Emma had just finished giving Frank a generous helping of her shaved snapper, or shall we say, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse!

He’s back out of his cage here, so let’s see what else Emma has in store for him!

Well it looks like someone needs to empty their bladder, and it man’s best friend! Emma squats over the little doggie dish and takes a mean squirt inside. Hmmmm, wonder why she did that!

It turns out she had a reserve tank in her as she pops up on top of the cage and pisses all over Frank’s face while he happily licks it up! Then, she pours the dish of golden liquid all over his hungry face, practically blinding the slave with her hot urine.It turns Frank on so bad that he jerks himself off!

Then the two share a urine soaked French kiss and have looks of total glee upon their faces!

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Emma Butt:Man and his Master! [Part 2]

We’re back with part 2 of “Man and his master!” featuring Emma Butt as the cannon ball tittie Dominatrix, and Frank Gun as her half human, half canine pet.

This time she lets him out of his cage so that he can please her right! She’s got a meal for him that he just can’t refuse! Smacking her pet around while dragging him out of his cage by the leash Emma instructs her obedient slave to lay down on his back while she face plants him with her clean shaven cunny.

Pussy pot pot pie is on the menu today!

It’s like a dirt bike derby on his face as she grinds back and forth on his mouth and nose, his face almost completely disappearing under her voluptuous thigh’s and ass cheeks. Emma‘s best friend really enjoys his meal, but then is lead back into his cage, where he whines for the return of his master. The latex clad Emma says she’ll be right back.

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Emma Butt: Man and his Master! [Part 1]

We all know the voluptuous Emma Butt from her raunchy House of Taboo and DDF busty sets, but did anyone ever imagine she might be into bestiality?

Sure we did! Today she’s got her human pet Frank Gun all caged up with a muzzle on his face and it looks like he’s been a bad boy because she’s out for a little punishment!

Wearing her Black latex thigh high boots and slinky dominatrix outfit with special openings for hanging out her 36G cannons, she prods a spanker into the cage and peppers up her pet’s nutsack while toking on a ciggie!

It’s one of her trademarks to ash the cig in her slaves mouths, so you know she’s doing that shit!

Her pussy oozes with juices when she inflicts any kind of humiliation on her victims. Grabbing her human pet by the hair she pulls him closer to the cage and says “You better lap these juices running out of my cumming cooter up real good or else!”

Oh man, I wonder if she’s gonna piss all over his mug! Stay tuned. To be continued next week!

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Emma Butt & Tarra White: Domination in the Pool Hall!

What’s better then two large breasted women wearing thigh high stockings, mini dresses, and shooting pool?

Well how about when they happen to be DDF porn stars and one of them gets so damn horny she attacks the other and dominates her!

That’s what we got here on House of Taboo today, so be prepared for your clits and pricks to take an excursion into the wonderful world of bondage and submission!

Emma Butt is a BIG girl, and what she wants, she gets! While playing with Tarra White, her libido gets the best of her and she pins the redhead onto the pool table while Tarra kicks and screams in defiance.

She tries to fight back but Emma’s gargantuan 36G’s get the best of her and soon her own pierced nipples find their way into Emma‘s hot wanting mouth. Hungry like a mungry, Emma flips Tarra’s legs up and dives into her sweet snack box, taking a taste of both the front and back room buffets.

Finding Tarra to be way too combative, she ties her up, and then the fun begins! She doesn’t want her sex slave to run out of nutrients, so she feeds her some fresh pussy pie and creme brulee of asshole to keep her fresh and vibrant. Then it’s time to make sure her hot little sex slave is comfortable and what better way then to bang her box with a pool stick!

Such a gracious and hosting dominatrix, don’t ya think?

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Emma Butt: Who’s the kinkiest of them all?

House of Taboo brings to life a fairy tale with a nice twist of piss! Yeah, you read that right, piss!

The fairy tale is called “Pisserella” , and the story is very similar to Cinderella!

Emma Butt plays the evil witch that likes to stare in the mirror and say” Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the kinkiest of them all?”

The mirror replies back and says “Why you are my dear! Look at those big bazookas you have, and those cock sucking lips that could wrap a 12″ Kielbasa , no problem! And what about that nicely shaved poontang and big rumpass of an ass you sport around for us, your kinky attire and how you jam your hot wanting puss with the big black double ended dildo. Certainly you are the kinkiest!”

Once she hears that, she feels so good again about herself that she just lets out a golden stream of pee to celebrate! Well, actually it’s more like she shoots it out!

For all you piss fans, you can imagine yourself getting a mouth full!

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